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Sharing Personal Details Lock

Hi there, Just a reminder when sharing personal information, that the Huggies Forum is a means ...

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Family doctor Truganina | Weekend medical clinic Truganina Lock

HealthWest Medical in the city of Truganina, our team of family doctors are specialized in differ...

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New to warrnambool Lock

Hey guys, My name's Daisy & I'm new to the warrnambool area. I have a 13 month old ...

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Hello! I’m unsure when you posted this but would love to catch up with you sometime. Let me know if this is something you’d still be...


Looking for Mums in Geelong Lock

hi ladies, I have been lokking to join a playgroup in the highton area. I have been put on waitin...

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Hi there I’m a 25 year old mum to a new 7 week old and I’m in Clifton springs and would love to meet some new mummas as my partner...

calling all geelong mothers!!!!! Lock

hi all i am trying to meet mothers who live in or around the geelong area. i am thinking about st...

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Hi there I live in Geelong but not a young mum 39 here haha is anyone else the same. My baby boy is 9months


Any Geelong Mums?? Lock

Hi! I'm a new second time mum to a 3 week old girl, I also have a 4yo daughter. I was hopi...

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Hey there. How's mother good going


small play groups in Shepparton Lock

Hi, I am new to this and not sure if I'm posting in the right place but anyway I'm 20 y...

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Hey guys I am in Shepparton and looking for a playgroup or friends as well. I have a son who is 17 months old. Let me know and we ...


Looking for Mothers Group in Point Cook Lock

Hi, we just moved to Point Cook (near Alamanda) and it has been 2 months now and I haven't found ...

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Hi everyone. I am located in point cook & have a 4year old son & 2 year old daughter. Would anyone be interested in a play d...


Best Public Maternity Hospitals Melbourne Lock

Hi, I'm 11 weeks pregnant and moving to Melbourne from Sydney in May. I'm hoping for so...

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3D / 4D / HD Ultrasound Melbourne Victoria Lock

Hi Melbourne Mums After an increasing demand of expectant parents asking me for 3D pictures of t...

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mother of two boys and one on the way

moving to warrnambool at the end of Nov Lock

Hi We live in Bendigo and are moving to Warrnambool i have two sons a 4 and a half year old and ...

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hi guys, My name's Daisy - I see this thread come up and thought I'd see if you were still active on it. I'm moving ...


Opportunity to receive $80 cash in hand for 60 minutes of your time! Lock

Hi! We’re hosting paid one-on-one interviews on Wednesday 18th January and Thursday 19th January ...

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Student midwife looking for pregnant women to support Lock

Hi there, I am a third year double degree nursing and midwifery student at Latrobe in Melbourne. ...

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New to Ballarat Lock

We recently moved to Ballarat from NZ I have a 7yr old and a 4yr old and was wondering what playg...

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19, Pregnant and Single Lock


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Hi! yes I am pregnant and single.


Geelong young mummas ! Lock

Hi ! I am a young mumma that lives in Geelong, my little girl is 4 months old and finding it a bi...

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Single woman going through IVF Lock

That's wonderful! There are plenty of single women doing IVF on the forum but I don't t...

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thank you!


mum and little ones Lock

I have triplets I am looking for some mum with multiple babies or little ones

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Wow triplets how old are they,? And were are you located


melton mums help me out Lock

So I am a first time mummy,my son is 6months and I would love to just get to know more people and...

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sunbury mums!!! Lock

Hi girls. My name is michaela, I have a daughter 4 months named Mary-Jane. Im 20 years old and ma...

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Hey ladies, I'm Dejanah (DJ), 20 and from Sunbury. Im expecting my baby in October ! So excited. I don't have friends si...


Need advice about 1.doing a big move away from family and 2. moving to Ballarat! Lock

Hubby and I really want to do a big move away from Wollongong with our two kids next year (My son...

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We move alot interstate. I have a nearly 2 year old and im pregnant now. The best advice i can give you is try and organise as much ...


3D ultrasound? Lock

Hello, We live in Puckapunyal and im looking for a place north melbourne, Shepparton or Bendigo ...

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New to Point Cook - looking to meet local mums & bubs Lock

Hi there, We've recently moved from Adelaide to Point Cook for my Husbands work (in sunshin...

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Mummies due April 2016 around mill park area!!!!! Coffee date? Lock

Hey everyone I'm 23years old with my first on the way, due in April. Looking for other mummi...

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Looking for mothers group Lock

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I have a 6 year old, 7 year old and 10 week old. I am looking to ...

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im new to shepp Lock

hi im new to shepparton and dont know a single soul. id like to meet parents of any age. im 27 an...

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Hi I'm from Shepparton also


Warrnambool mum 2015 Lock

I have 4 kids aged 7, 5, 21/2 and 5 months. A lot of my friends stopped at 2 kids so their younge...

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Singaporean mummies to be in Melbourne Lock

Hello! Am new to Melbourne and wonder if there are any mummies to be in Melbourne, looking for a ...

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Oh that's nice guess cause I am just with a normal GP n not a gynae that's y... Thanks for the info anw


Preggie UK mums-to-be, or new mums, in Melbourne Lock

Hello any UK mums-to-be! I came over two years ago and wondered if there were any more UK preggie...

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Can you HELP! Lock

Hello, we are a loving couple from Fitzroy, Victoria A little about ourselves: I am 38 and for ...

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Dr Steven Hatzikostas Lock

Hi All, having number 2 due in Dec and this time using Dr Steven Hatzikostas at Northpark Private...

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I highly recommend Dr Hatzikostas. I had 2 miscarriages and one successful pregnancy (delivered just 7 weeks ago) and he was amazing...


Shepparton, Victoria Lock

hi i just moved back to shepparton. i have a 13 month old girl named Kailee-Rose! Iam 19 year old...

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Hi I'm from shepparton too


Any mums in Shepparton... where to take my 9 month old Lock

Hi I am new to Shepp and have a 9 month old daughter and am struggling to find places to take her...

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Hi I'm just new here. I'm a new mum. My daughter is turning 1year old next month. I'm from Shepparton. I'm from ...


mums in shepparton area Lock

Hi Im a 31 year old mother of Patrick who is 7 months old and 13 weeks pregnant with my second ch...

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Hi, I'm from Shepparton too. I'm looking for playgroup for my daughter Kendra. She's turning 1year old next month. I&...


Any South Gippy/Bass Coast shire mummy's out there?!!!! Lock

Hi, Just wondering if there is anyone out there who is living in or around these areas?

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Hello, My name is Nadine, I am a 28 year old single mum-to be (expecting my first bub in July). Currently based in Perth for now b...

Mum of beautiful boys

Sunbury Mums or nearby Lock


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 I am Tenika and I have a little boy who is four in September and a seven and a half month old girl. I am in Perth at the moment but...


Anyone in Korumburra or surrounds Lock

Hi just wondering if anyone is in this area would love to meet more people would love to hear fr...

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Moving to Victoria, Gippsland area, advice needed :) Lock

Hi everyone, I am a newbie here and I could really use some advice It looks like we will be movi...

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Hi, I don't know if you have moved yet. I am in gippsland but not in warragul i hope the move goes well or went well

Mum of 3 unda 3

**Ballarat Mummy** Lock

Hi, I'm a 24yo new mum of a 4mnth old little girl, Molly Grace! Just looking for other mums aroun...

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Danielcassar94 wrote: jessh wrote: How old are your kids do they to school Hi how are you what have you been doing how are the kids ...


Ballarat Mums Lock

Hi, I know there is another thread for Ballarat Mums but i noticed it was quite old and has not b...

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Hi my name is raelene I am looking for some mothers