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Newbie Lock Rss

Hi all,
My names Liddy and I'm a newbie.
I have a DH and DD and TTC#2 for 2 years.
Feelling a bit down today.
hi libby:) i'm sorry 2 hear ur feeling down:(...... my name is lorraine, i have 4 boys & 1 daughter who is nearly 7mth, if u want a chat anytime, (especially if u feel down) feel free 2 chat anytime, my email [email protected], hope to hear from u soon:)....hope u feel better soon, lorraine.
Hi sorry hear you are feeling down but there are alot of mums out there that may make you feel a bit beta. Hang in there as I'm sure you'll get through the day(s).

Chat to you any time if you want day and night.
[email protected]

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