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Any one have the children at the Sth Eastern Private Lock Rss

Hi There,
I'm a mum of Two beautiful looking kids and wondered if anybody had there kids at the Sth Eastern. I had both my children there and had great service and care.
Hope hear from other people.

SUZY,VIC,3yr &,2yr

Hey there suzy!

How are you??
It's GR8 to finally find someone who's been to Sth Eastern Private smile~I havn't yet been there but I'm booking in for my first bubs to be born 16th Sept!
I did post a few weeks back asking for anyone's advice on the hospital B4 I booked in~just for reasurance~but nobody has replied sad

Sounds like you were happy with the hospital??Hope you can tell a little more on your stay:) it would be much apprieciated~thanks smile

Are you planning on having anymore children??

Look forward to hearing from you smile

Kyles,VIC, due 16 Sept 06

Yep I have had 3 kids there and was born there myslef. I really liked it, and would go back again too.

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

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