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Seeking friendships with mothers with unsettled babies in Narre Warren Lock Rss

Hi my name is Michelle and my little boy is Connor Jack...oh and my Husband is Shaun. We have been experiencing trouble with Connor sleeping - mainly through the day hours now - since he was 5 weeks old. He turned 4 months on Weds this week (30/11/05) and since last Saturday we he has been quite unsettled again gasp( and I'm feeling exhausted once again.

We have been to a day sleep clinic at South Eastern Private (where I gave birth), a respite in Rosebud Hospital followed by a 5 day Baby Mother Unit stay the next week. It was at Hospital that they diagnosed me as having the first stages of PND and put me on a low dose of medication to stop it progressing any further. Connor has improved after these visits but is still quite a handful.

As I am originally from the country and have been living in Melbourne for about 6 years, I have no immediate support around me such as family and life time friends so it would be valuable to find Mothers with young unsettled babies/or older unsettled babies in a similar situation to myself to share, learn and support. It would be good to find people to share the undeniable understanding of what we are going through, with the possibility of meeting for coffee (with sooky bubs), chatting on the phone when we need a shoulder or just exchange messages in this forum.

Looking forward to hearing from you as I'd enjoy finding a group of women to talk about our thoughts and experiences . Don't worry, it won't all be babies and problems. It would also be nice to be able to talk 'adult talk' once in a while, like current affairs etc.. as all I seem to talk about now is 'baby this and baby that'. All the possibilities...

Michelle,Connor,Jai 2/7/08

hi michelle

my name is jackie.... I don't have a unsettled baby during the day but I did have and learnt by putting him down and letting him cry to sleep that he now knows that I will not come running back to him propably have already been given this advice though my son is 9 mths and I live in narrre warren and if at anytime you want to chat i would be happy to..... just leave a message here if you are interested

thanks jackie

Mum to baby boy Heath born 14/02/2005

Hi Michelle,
my name is Monique and i can relate to your situation my little boy is 2 1/2 months and a very unsettled bub to.I have been to Rosebud hospital also for the mother & baby unit with my first child due to being very unsettled and me being so exausted :'( .I would love to chat and catch up for coffee one day as i get very lonely being at home sometimes.i live in Langwarrin so not that far from you.Do you have MSN?
Talk soon

ME25, DF28, DD 4, DS18 months

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