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Anyone near Bathurst or want to email? Rss

Hi my names Mel and I would love to hear from anyone. I have 2 kids Ethan, almost 4 and Ashleigh 15mths. My email address is and my msn is the same.
Hope to hear from you soon

Melissa,Bathurst,3yr old and 1yr old

hi mel
my name is shanna and i live in bathurst,i have three beautiful children a 6yr old daughter taylor,a 2yr old boy zachary and a 10mnth old daughter rhianna hope to be able to talk to you more


im in dubbo and i dont have any friends that have kids and the ones that do i wish not to hang around because there really irresponsible
Hi, My name is Leigh. My husband and i moved to Blayney from Penrith a year ago and we don't know many people in the area. we have 2 daughters, Emma is nearly 4 and jasmine is 14months
Hi Mel,

I'm Jodie,I live in Forbes & have 3 sons Kristian 5, Ethan 4 & Sebastian 6 months, Married for 10 years.

The computer has become my lifeline as my husband has a back injury so I dont visit as much as I used to I tend to stay home with him more ( not that I really mind,but you know how it is men dont understand women)

Jodie,7yo,Nearly 6yo,2yo boys & OMG a baby girl

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