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Anyone here from Newcastle Lock Rss

Hi im a Novacastrian, 26 years old, married and I have a 8 month old daughter and I would love to chat.

Linda, NSW, mum of Olivia (b) 03.01.03

Hi Linda,
Yes i'm from Newcastle, I am also 26 years old and have a 6 month old son and a wonderful husband.
Did you grow up in Newcastle? Where abouts?
My email address is: [email protected]
please feel free to email me any time i would love to chat.
hope to here from you soon

Rachel, NSW, Jakson 2yrs

[Edited on 14/02/2008]

Mia, Newcastle NSW

Hi Linda,
Had a problem with computer and have lost your email address, please send me another email.
Thanks Rachel

Rachel, NSW, Jakson 2yrs

Hi Ray email me on [email protected] or catch me on messenger [email protected]
Take care

Linda, NSW, mum of Olivia (b) 03.01.03

Hi I'm at 24 yo single mother from Newcastle with a 9mth old son. Any other single mums in the same area? Or not single. Please email me [email protected] or i have messanger as well.

Matthew, born March 2003

I am also from Newcastle area..... I am 28 and I have a 9week old daughter and a wonderful fiancee......
Hi I am also in Newcastle
I have a 9month old boy and a nearly 3 year old daughter. I am also 28. and would love to hear from anyone in the area with kids around the same age!
[email protected]

Just letting you know that there is a group of msn and the link is [email protected]

This group has heaps of newcastle mums all you have to do is reply to the email by saying you are a newcastle mum and you would like to join. This site is pretty good we try to all meet once a month and its a great way to meet mums that live in the same area you do.

If you dont want to join this group and you just want to chat my email is [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]


Linda, NSW, mum of Olivia (b) 03.01.03

Hi Im from Newy too. This is my first message and am funnily enough pretty nervous. I'm 24, have a fiance of almost 6 years and I have 3 girls. My firstborn turned 8 last Nov, the next to turn 3 in June and little bubby is almost 9 weeks. She was born 18th December last year. Would love to hear from anyone from Newy interested in chatting, and anyone else!!

CJ, NSW, girls aged 8, almost 3, 4 months

Hi How r u
Would love to chat....Im Linda im 27 and we have a 13 months old daughter.
Talk soon

Linda, NSW, mum of Olivia (b) 03.01.03

Hi, I also live in newcastle and have a 6 and a half month of old son named aden. Its great to know that is other people from this area on the forum and just not me. If anyone whats to send me an email to chat then please send it to [email protected]

kellie, NSW, baby aden

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