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Newcastle NSW pregnant mummies! New Mothers Group Rss

Hi There,

I have just moved back to Newcastle and would like to meet other first time pregnant mummies- I am due March this year, would love to meet before birth and continue on a mothers group long term smile

Leave a message with your due date if your interested!

x K
Hi Katie

I'm a first time mum, Nicholas arrived early, now 6 weeks old still 2 weeks under cooked
I'd love to catch up I live in port Stephens north of Newcastle

Hi Katie,

I have also just moved back to Newcastle.
I'm a 34 yr old first time mum to be (due March).

I am interested in joining a mothers group to meet other new mums.

Simone smile
Hi Katie,

I was wondering if the Mum's group went ahead?
I've just moved to Belmont with my 8month old daughter Evie and we're looking to meet other mums and bubs in the area.
Happy to meet anywhere.

Kelsey smile
Hi mummies! Yes I'm meeting another mum tomorrow were doing a mothers group- 12.30 at Hippo expresso Warner's bay- would love to meet you smile let me know if anyone wants my ph number smile
Hi there,

That sounds awesome! Would love to meet up.
Happy to exchange numbers. smile

Hi everyone,

I'm a first time mum to a beautiful little baby girl (4months). I would love to catch up for a coffee next time. Let me know where and when and we will be there.


Caroline & Siobhan smile
Hi Caroline,

I'm keen for coffee! Would you like meet next week sometime?

Kelsey & Evie smile
Hi all, I'm just wondering if any new groups have been set up for expecting mummy's. I'm 28 and due march next year and would love to connect with people on a similar path as me. I'm from Lambton. My email address is if anyone is keen. smile
So I've commented on a few threads, so my apologies if you've seen this before... but I've decided to make a facebook group for mum's in the hunter- newcastle area, since so many people don't seem to log in to huggies a lot, but we're always logging into facebook. So here is the group:

I thought it could be an easier way to meet new mother's in the area, to chat, to know each other, to plan meet ups etc.
Hi! I am newly pregnant and now newly single. sad I am 8 weeks along now. I am a single mum to a 13, 10, 7, 5 & 3. My husband and I divorced a little over 2 yrs ago and I have been in a relationship for the last 2yrs. This baby came a surprise but obviously too big of a one for him since he has bailed - sigh! I live in New Lambton Heights (Newcastle), NSW. I have lived in Australia for almost 4 years now, but have hardly any friends and NO family. Looking to make genuine friends...
Hi everyone just wondering if anyone knows of any pregnancy groups or classes in Newcastle? I have just arrived here from the UK and I am 3 months pregnant. I am only here until July and don't know anyone but I am struggling to find any groups locally. I am also knew to the forum so I'm not sure if I am posting in the correct place or if this is even still an active forum! Any advice would be greatly appreciated ???? Thanks a lot, Vicki Xx
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