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Mums with bubs in Lismore. Rss

yeah we picked spring because its such a beautiful time when all the trees and flowers are in bloom...season of love smile

I work im childcare too! im currently working 3 days just 9-2. mon,thus and fri.I love it, have worked in the industry for 3.5 years. hopfully going to open my own fam. day care when we build next year smile

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hey Amber!

Ava and Lola are beautiful names...they just seem beautiful just by looking at their names smile
yay another mummy! theres not many on here is there..hopfully more come online soon.
ohh house is my favorite shop of all.
what bussiness are you starting up?

sounds like a plan once we get some more mummys online!

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ohh im trying to figure out how to create a photo signature!! any help would be good smile

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Welcome Amber,

Hope Ava enjoys her first day at big school. We could hook Scarlett and Lola for play date smile Whats kind of business are you starting up?

Krissy, good luck with family day care - ive heard its really rewarding. Ive only been basically studing. Completed my cert iii and 3/4 of my diploma during 2008 just waiting for my teacher to get back & mark off the rest of my assignments.

So Wednesday's seems like an open day (after the 25th wink )

Scarlett 4 - Hazellyn 1 - Blake born 29.07.09

I just noticed that Scarlett & Lolas birthdays are only 2 days apart:) Lollys birthday is the 17th of May 05 !!

A play date sounds great. Lola will love it. Although I must warn you now,although she is very cute & kind,she can be alittle crazy.She has so much energy & very very very stubbon. She amazes me everyday.She knows what she wants & thats that! You cant change her mind once its made up!

Her and Ava are so different.

I already sells clothes like Dora & Wiggles from home & at the markets.Im also adding jewellery & homewares. I am starting a Partyplanning & online business..I just need to learn how to make a website first:)

I LOVE HOUSE to!!! Maybe you have been in there when I was working!! Im really going to miss working there. Anyhoo. Im off to work now.

Have a great day girls..later

haha thats uncanny two days apart! Actually it might be the tourus in them, Lola and Scarlett sound very much alike.

Scarlett and Hazellyn are chalk and cheese too, Scarletts got enough energy to fly to moon and back, shy to start with but WOW never takes her long to warm up esp to other kids. Hazellyn on the other hand very quiet calm baby always has even in utro. The way to Scarletts heart is to comment on her hair LOL she loves it such a girly girl LOL

My MIL does Postie partyplan in alstoneville she loves it, and I have to say the clothes are amazing. I used to do wikidz, but stopped when we moved to sunny coast.

Goodluck with your business sounds like it'll keep ya very busy and heck if Doras involved Scarlett will definately be interested - god only knows how she managed to glu herself to Dora cos we didnt watch it here, only over chrissy did she get a couple of dvds but for past year dora crazy oh well .....

Im off to clean, mummys work is never done

Scarlett 4 - Hazellyn 1 - Blake born 29.07.09

Hi girls

wondering if anyone wants to do something next week say Wednesday ish catch up for coffee?

Scarlett 4 - Hazellyn 1 - Blake born 29.07.09

Hey I will. Im getting very bored. But if we could make it a Tuesday or Thursday? Now in agreeing to meet up I have a very strange feeling that I have something on this coming week. But lets book it in anyway..argg I hate thinking you have to do something but cant remember what!!!

Ok I will check in tommorrow oh lets do Play quest so the kiddies can play:)

Sorry hun, DD2 came down with horrible cold ended up taking up to hospital, only just managed to get back on net shes still got her cough .... Should we try again. Cant make 24th or 27th but any other day i can make it. Pick a time and we'll get there, doesnt really matter what time for us, usually have one or the other grumpy lol

Scarlett 4 - Hazellyn 1 - Blake born 29.07.09

Oh my thats terrible, poor little Hazellyn. I hope she gets all better really soon.

Pencil the 26th in then. If anything comes up in the mean time we will pick another date:)

A HUGE congrads!!!! How exciting for your family,a new bubba.
Thats so cool..Hope its a nice smooth pregnancy for you.

Chat later!!!

Okie dokie 26th it is for now. Scarletts barking up a storm sheesh do they have to share everything! Thank-you muchy it was very much an unplanned-surprise but wanted. And a boy is the cherry on top DH is totally over the moon about and after all isnt it all about him pmsl!


Scarlett 4 - Hazellyn 1 - Blake born 29.07.09

im lazy i know i should post more in here

just thpought id pop in and see how ppl are and whats happening

waves hello buggies
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