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Hi Fiona,
Im not that far from you, im in Lismore ave, parallel to ur street. Do u know others that have been to the playgroup? Thanks for welcoming me to the group too.

DS Brooklyn 11/11/04, DD Marli 18/09/2007

Hey girls, I can't make it today, sorry for the late notice. I have my niece with me today until my sister arrives from the North Coast this afternoon so we thought we would stay at home. It has been a long morning, they are 8 months apart and very alike so it has been quite interesting. I think Bella will be ready for a sleep and a break mid morning. I am up for next Thursday at either the Play Cafe or Hype. Maybe we should PM eachother with our email addresses that way we can just let everyone know who is going or not. Anyway I have PM'd everyone with my email who is part of this thread. Have a happy Easter and enjoy. Hopefully I will see some of you next week if you are not going away on holidays. Bec
Can i please be emailed?

i am keen for next thursday

Amanda mum to Amelia - May 05 & Eamon - Nov 08

Hi all

My email is:

I think we are free at this stage for next Thursday. Being school hols though i am not sure what it will be like at either of the play centres. What about Maitland Park if it is nice weather.

Fiona and Samantha
No do not know others at the Telarah playgroup. Just being so close thought it is handy. Were there lots of littlies or are they maily older kids???
Hi all

our email / msn / facebook is

xxx Celeste xxx Lilli xxx Jemma xxx

Hi Ladies,

Hope everyone had a great easter break!

Just wondering if you are all keen to catch up on Thursday at the playcafe, say 10ish??

see you there

At the moment we can do Thursday.
But i will pop in tomorrow to confirm.

Amanda mum to Amelia - May 05 & Eamon - Nov 08

We wont make it thurs as i have dr's and ob/gyn apps.
Hope you's have a good meet

xxx Celeste xxx Lilli xxx Jemma xxx

Hi everyone

On the 30th April
I'm having a Mary Kay party at my house
No pressure to buy but if you are interested in coming along
you are welcome to come, bring the kids for a play.

Send me a message if you are interested.

A friend is just starting out so needs to practise her parties so numbers are limited

Amanda mum to Amelia - May 05 & Eamon - Nov 08

Hi All

Samantha and i will not be able to make it this week. We are off to Oakvale Farm to visit the animals.

We are free next Thursday at the moment.

Look forward to catching up again soon
Fiona and Samantha
Bella and I are in for tomorrow, although we will probably be a bit late again as usual. See you then.
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