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We are still keen to catch up this morning

Sarah (with Jasper and Niamh)

Also Mandy and Chloe are coming too.

I didn't make this morning had to get whopping cough needle while my partner was home from work.

Are Tuesday at the playcafe going to a weekly occurance?

Amanda mum to Amelia - May 05 & Eamon - Nov 08

Hi Amanda,

We talked today about meeting up on Thursdays going forward, as this seems to be the best day for the majority.

We are going to the Playcafe on Tuesday next week though so i will post an update after that.

Anyone that wants to come along this Tuesday is of course welcome.


Hi Ladies,

Anyone interested in meeting at the Playcafe tomorrow, say 10am?

thanks for the update sarah

I won't make it tomorrow going to a party plan party at 10.30am.

I will be a maybe for next thursday (they are having easter hat parade at millies daycare)

Amanda mum to Amelia - May 05 & Eamon - Nov 08

We are happy to come along tomorrow at 10am.

Bec & Bella
Unfortunetly we cannot make it tomorrow. I am planning on taking Samantha to Hype for Kids or the Play Cafe next Thursday if anyone is interested. Probably around 10.30 as i will have my niece and nephew up for the day.

Samantha and Fiona
Hi there,
Some of u may know me already for this/other forums. Im mum 2 kidlets...son Brooklyn 4 and Daughter Marli 18months. I just moved to Telarah and u all seem to be pretty close to this area. Just after some adult convo and the occasional play date with the kids. I know there is a Telarah playgroup on Weds at 10am but after trying out other playgroups i found that its not for me. Would i be welcome to join in this group?


DS Brooklyn 11/11/04, DD Marli 18/09/2007

Hi Ali,

You are very welcome to come along. Some of us are meeting up next Thursday at 10am at the Playcafe. Do you know where that is??


Hi Ali

Welcome to our group. Look forward to meeting you soon.

Where abouts in Telarah do you live. I live in Brooks Street just around the corner from the shops.

I was thinking of trying out the Telarah playgroup but from the sounds of it it is not that great.

Hi Girls

Samantha and i are going to Hype 4 Kids tomorrow (Thurs 9/4)if anyone is interested in catching up. We will be there around 10.30-11.

If we do not see you all. Have a great easter and hopefully we will see you all again soon.

Fiona and Samantha
Hi Sarah,
Thursdays, particulary this thurs isnt good for me...easter shopping and all. Havent got anything organised yet. Maybe ill wait for next meet up. Thanks for welcoming me to your group. I look forward to meeting up with u.

DS Brooklyn 11/11/04, DD Marli 18/09/2007

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