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I'm a Maitland Mum to be in September.
I would love to get together for group outings & things when I'm off on Mat leave with my baby. Will check back later on & hope I can meet some of you.

All the best,

I'll have to keep an eye on this post aswell.

xxx Celeste xxx Lilli xxx Jemma xxx

Hi, I am happy to meet up on Wednesday, 18 March but DD has swimming lessons and we wouldn't be able to get there until about 10.45/11am. I don't know the area too well so I don't have any suggestions on a meeting place. I will check back in a a few days anyhow. Bec
Hi, I live in East Maitland and have a 2 year old daughter. I work 3 days per week (Mon, Tues & Wed).

I'm a bit shy at meeting new people, so might just chat here for a while!
Hi, I'm free on wednesday the 18th march... lets organise something
Hi, I'm from Weston but work in Rutherford (and grew up there) and we are looking to move there very soon (hopefully!). I have a 2year old DD and we don't get out very much. I am pretty shy but would like to make some new friends for me and DD. So far I don't work on Wednesday so if you work something out we would love to come.

There is a great little cafe in Maitland called Play Cafe i think. It's only small but the people are so friendly and it's fairly cheap too:) It's in Hunter St next door to Body and Soul if you are interested in meeting here. I like it cos the kids are always in sight, really good for the very little ones.

Will check back in a few days. Hope to meet some of you soon.
Hi, I'm keen for play cafe on wed at 11am? That way bec and bella could make it after swimming? does that suit anyone else?
Hi Ladies,

I am a SAHM to 2.5 yr boy and 10mth old girl. We are currently building a house in Aberglasslyn (live in Kurri atm) and i am keen to find a playgroup in the area.

So is Wed 18th a date??

The playcafe is a great place. We are regular once a weekers!

[Edited on 11/03/2009]

I'm happy to go to Play Cafe.


unless prices have changed it's only a $2.50 entry for kids or you can get a deal with a drink and sandwhich for $7 (prices may have changed)

Please List your name if your coming
Amanda with Amelia (3yrs 10mths) and Eamon (4mths)

I will have a purple Valco 3 wheel pram or Eamon will be in a blue sling

Amanda mum to Amelia - May 05 & Eamon - Nov 08

Hi, I'm coming!!

Belinda with Amarni 23months & Tyler 9wks
I have a black phil & teds pram
Count us in smile

Sarah with Jasper 2.5yrs and Niamh 10mths
I have a red phil & teds pram

We should make it.

Lilli 2 and Jemma 8 months.

we have a navy p & t.

xxx Celeste xxx Lilli xxx Jemma xxx

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