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i live in metford near the petrol station, moved here 8 months ago but still know no one. I have been to the play group at the family day care centre for 2 visit but then we went overseas. I have 1 boy who is almost 2

Hi Ladies, my husband and I have just moved out to Aberglasslyn from Belmont.We have an 18 month old little girl, and one due on the 22nd December. I would like to meet other mums in the area , available for play dates any day of the week.

We'll have to organise a play date soon as now there are a few mums.

xxx Celeste xxx Lilli xxx Jemma xxx

Hi, i am a mum to a two yr old and i am trying to find a mothers group or something similar does anyone know of one??
Hi, I am mum to a 21mth old DD and hopefully will be moving to Aberglasslyn/Rutherford area in the next month or so. DP has already started work at Mt Thorley and I am still stuck on the Coast until we find something to rent. Heading back up there tomorrow to look at 2 more houses. I am keen to meet other mums and meet up for chat/play etc. DP is orginally from Newcastle and I'm from further out West.
Hi Bec

Good Luck finding a house up this way, hope things work out smile

xxx Celeste xxx Lilli xxx Jemma xxx

Hi, we have found a house in Aberglasslyn and move next week (12.11). Am keen to catch up when I get all settled in.
Hi Everyone,

I live in East Maitland and have a 9 1/2 week old son. I have been looking around the Maitland area for playgroups, classes etc that I can take my bub to and I have found a baby gymbaroo. It's in East Maitland and they have all different age groups and days that you can go too. We are going for our first class this Friday (which is a free visit) so I will let you's know how it goes if you's are interested. If you google gymbaroo there is a website that gives lots of info.

Hi all,
I'm just new to huggies website. I have a 2.5month old girl and am looking for a mothers group near maitland (bolwarra heights). Did anyone end up organising a playgroup from this forum??
Hi Jaslisstef08, as far as i'm aware no one has met from this post.. Did you find a play group near you? I've just had my 2nd child and very keen to get out and about..
Hi girls, has anyone gone to any playgroups yet or know of any near Aberglasslyn. My DD (2yrs) is going crazy since not going to daycare and she needs to find some little friends to play with as much I really need some adult conversation.
Why dont we make a meet?

say Weds 18th March?
anyone have any suggestions?

*play centre

I'm at aberglasslyn as well

Amanda mum to Amelia - May 05 & Eamon - Nov 08

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