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I have a 6 month old daughter and i would like to chat to other mums who have a child the similar age. I didnt get the chance to join a mothers group in my area because there wasnt a demand for it. So it would be good to have a group of people I could talk to who have a child who is developing at the same rate. Kind of like a online playgroup. If there is any interest and u just want to chat about anything my email address is and we can connect by msn messenger.

Linda, NSW, mum of Olivia (b) 03.01.03

Hi My name is Sue. 34 years old mother of 3 kids under 5years. Anyone who lives in the Penrith area nsw, who would like to e-mail me on I'd love to meet you. I am hoping to start a mothers group at my house, if you are interested e-mail me or just want to talk about anything, problems or just general stuff, I am a good listener, I'd love to hear from you.
Please e-mail me.
My name is Nome & I have a 9mth old son. I would love to chat to you.

Nome, QLD, 4yr old girl, 9 mth old boy.

Hi Linskeh. My name is sue, i'm 34 years old, i have 3 kids. I live in Nsw. My e-mail addy is : and yes I have msn messenger. e-mail me. let me know when you are going on msn messenger, we can have a chat. love to chat.

hope to talk to you soon

Sue Keeffe. Sydney NSW.

Sue, NSW, 3 Kids

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