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Hi i am pamela,

I come form South Australia but in the next few weeks my partner, son and me are going away. We are going on a drive holiday through VIC, NSW and QLD and as i carnt find much web pages to look at i thought why not come in to talk to you guys about it.

I was wondering if you know of any good places to stay at thats not to expensive. Place that are good to eat and to shop at. Or do you know of any web pages i culd look at.

I havent been much out of SA only when i was younger and i realy want to have a good time not only for myslef but for my son.

So any help or information would be good.

thanks pamela

TTC a baby girl

where abouts in NSW will you be going...i live in Sofala its just out of bathurst....
check out you can look up accomidation attraction and directions
enjoy your holiday!!!!

lani, bathurst, mum to jacob 2 years

Do you have any idea which way you are heading?? Ive travelled NSW and VIC quite alot, and ive also been to Qld. But i can really advise you on the Vic/Nsw drive holiday because we do it about 3 times a year!

It depends on if you want to head up the Hume hwy or the Princess hwy. Personally i prefer the Princess hwy, great views and you pass through great little coastal towns with some touristy style attractions. The hume hwy is kind of designed to get you from Melb to Syd as quick as you can, so there is very little to do along the way, unless you turn off the hwy because it detours most towns. You do however have the traditional dog on the tuckerbox and the Ettemoga (*sp) pub along that way. I think the best attractions on the coast road are Mogo zoo at Mogo NSW (white tigers, etc), Magic mountain at merimbula and Jamberoo recreation park at Jamberoo.

We actually went along the Coast of Vic (Gippsland) and turned off the Princess Hwy at Cann River and went up over the snowys, through Canberra and got on the hume once, which was pretty amazing too.
I recommend the Princess hwy though, you see such beautiful beaches and most of the towns along the way are touristy so there is heaps of accomodation.
Hope ive helped just ask if you need anything else!

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

Hi Pamela.

NRMA have been advertising a new service on their website for planning a holiday. It has everything you might need. Maps, Accomodation, Things to Do
Try this website
Enjoy your hols.

Linda, NSW, 5 month baby

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