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Mt Druitt & Surrounding areas mothers group Lock

Hi mummies Looking at starting a mothers group in the Mt Druitt area, would anyone be interested ...

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Mothers Group in Baulkham Hills/ Castle Hill Lock

Hi, I have an 8 month old baby girl and would love to join a mothers group/ catch up with other m...

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South West Sydney Mothers group (Guildford etc) Lock

Hi, I'm Geri 27yrs old with 2 girls one is 6yrs old and my most recent addition is 8 weeks o...

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What's your email naomijo? I'll add you, my profile is private


South West Sydney Mothers! Lock

Hi there! I've recently started a page on facebook to try and get together a mother's g...

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Calling all Crows Nest/Cammeray/N Sydney mummies Lock

Hi there, We've just moved back to the area after living overseas for a bit. I'm34, ori...

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Any new mums/to be in North Sydney area - looking for friends Lock

Hi, My name is Roxy, I am 25 and about to be a new mum. I am originally from the UK and have be...

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Hi Roxy We've just moved back to the area and would love to meet some local mums with bubs. My little boy is ten months old. Le...


Anyone from Cammeray Area? Lock

Hi, I'm a stay home mum of 2 kids and we just moved from Melbourne late this year. My eldes...

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Hi there, We live in Crows Nest - just sent you a follow request if you're still looking for local play dates.


looking for friends Lock

Hi mommy's. My name is Crystal and live in the Sutherland area. I'm new to the area hen...

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Day care centre with long hours Lock

Hi All, I'm wondering if any one knows of a day care centre that is open from 6am to 7pm? ...

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Looking for mums 25-30 in Kellyville for playdates/catch-ups Lock

Hi I just came across your post. Im moving to Kellyville in a few weeks and am look for young mum...

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Hi there, I have a 4 month old son and another son who is 4years who is at school. Wanting to meet with other new mums in the area. ...



Hi everyone! Im a Macarthur mum and found, for me, there is no one about to talk mum stuff with....

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Hi mums, I noticed that you are looking to meet new mums that live in your area? I run a Mums &Bubs and Pramercise group fit...


Inner west mothers groups Lock

Hi, are there any inner west mothers groups?? aroud ashfield, summer hill, burwood areas? aimee

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Thanks for that While surfing around the net I found them too and have also made contact. Haven't managed to go yet cause I&#...


Any penrith mums? Lock

I've just moved to the penrith area with my 18month old. I am hoping for some advice on play...

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Hey ladies Me and a friend recently found a play group in south Penrith .. It's behind the south lands shopping center Friday ...


Need a little help Lock

Good morning mums, and mums-to-be! My name is Ryan and I am here looking for your help. I repres...

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Good morning all! It's me again. I just wanted to say a big "thank you" to all of you who found the time to have a l...


Mummies in the Camden, Naellan, Macarthur area? Lock

Hi my names Amanda, Im a 21yr old SAHM and to 2 sons 4.5yrs and 4.5months. I have lived in the ar...

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Hi, I have a 5 year old daughter and and a 9 week old daughter. I live in Mount Annan and was hoping to meet other mothers in the area.


want to find a mums group or coffee pals- narellan area! Lock

hi im 26yrs old living in nareellan area have a 3 and half month old boy looking for a mothers gr...

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Hi, my name is Felicity I live in Mount Annan. I have a 5 year old daughter and a 9 week old daughter. I'm hoping to meet other...


Mount Annan/Narellan/Campbelltown/Camden Mums?? Lock

Hi I have a 9 week old baby girl and was hoping to meet some other mums in the area.

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Thanks for the link


Mothers Group in Northmead/Baulkham Hills Area Lock

Hi there I live in Northmead and have a 14 week old baby girl and don't have any friends in the a...

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Hello Ladies, My name is Rocharn and I have a 15 month old daughter and I live Northmead. Im not orginally from here so don't...


Stanhope Gardens, Rouse Hill Mothers Group Lock

Hi Girls, I was just wondering if there are any mothers who know of a mothers group or who would ...

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Hi ladies, Not sure how old this thread is but I'm a first time Mum to a 4 month old bub, 26 and new to the Stanhope Gardens a...

Playgroup In South Penrith!! Lock

Hi My name is sue If your interested in a Playgroup the is one in southlands behind south lands ...

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Hi Sarah, this post seems to be 10 years old so I am not sure if she will respond. Are you a part of the Mums and Bubs from the west...


Greystanes mum! Lock

Hi there, I'am 25 years old with a 21 month old daughter named Azalia! I live in Greystanes...

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New to Sydney and Australia Lock

Hi, we have just moved to Australia and are living in the Sydney area. We have a two and a half...

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mums and bubs group around camden area?? Lock

Hi, I am a new mum to a one year old little boy. I have recently moved to Harrington Park and kn...

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Mothers Group Strathfield area? Lock

Hi, I'm a new mum and would like to join a mothers group around Strathfield area. Does anyo...

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Hi! im not far from strathfield, let me know if your still interested


Mothers Group Wanted - Liverpool Area Lock

Hi, I have a gorgeous 6month old baby girl. I have been to the mothers group run through the clin...

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Hi, hope you and the bub are well, i have a 9 month old girl and i am 21. i aswell as you have been to mother groups and have felt l...


Younger mums in bankstown area Lock

Hi, I'm a 20 year old mum with a 12 week old little girl. Looking to meet up with some people aro...

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Hi! i know its been around a year but your bub would still be young. i live in punchbowl, and i have a 9 month old daughter, if your...


Young mums groups around Hornsby or Hills Disrict area Lock

Hi my names Kelly, im 21yo with a 6 month old baby looking for a mothers group in the Hornsby or ...

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Looking for a mum's group in Epping NSW Lock

Hi, I had my first son mid August (now 3 and a half months) 2013 and I never got to go to the mum...

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Ingleburn/Campbelltown area Lock

Hi, I am wondering if there is anyone out there in the Ingleburn/Campbelltown area that is keen ...

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Hi I'm ash and live in glen alpine and have a 4 month old baby boy.


NEMO :) Lock

hi all im doing a nemo theme and iv been desperately after some nemo curtains, i have the cot set...

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Please, need a General Practitioner (GP) recommendation in Sydney :)! Lock

Hi experienced moms and moms to be, I'm after a recommended General Practitioner (GP) in Sy...

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Castle Hill Mums Group Lock

Hi everyone, We have a large group of mums that meet up every Tuesday in Castle Hill at the same...

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Hi Alison, I'd love to join your group if you're still meeting in Castle Hill. I have a 3.5yo and a 6 month old. I'v...


any mum's from sth Wentworthville or around that area Lock

Hi i am just wondering if there are any mums in Sth Wentworthville,Westmead,Mayshill,Parramatta,M...

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I finally found few of them in Pendle hill and Wentworthville area. Always try to go to the library and ask about it or else visit p...


Playgroups in Mount Annan/Narellan/Camden area Lock

Hi my name is Rowena and I decided to become a stay-home mum last November. My little boy is now...

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Hi Lena, Thank you for passing this information onto me Kylie Ogilvie


What to Look For When Choosing a Childcare Centre. Lock

There are some important things that you should look for when choosing a childcare centre. First ...

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Local Mothers Group Lock

Hello Ladies, I'd like to start a mothers group for the mummies in South West Sydney. I had my l...

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Hi everyone. Is your mum's group still on? I'm looking to join a Playgroup and I live in Liverpool. I've moved here...


new to the hills Lock

Hi girls, Have recently moved to the hills area and wanting to meet some new friends im 27 a full...

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Hills Mums Lock

Hi Everyone, We moved to the Hills a little while ago. It's now time to meet some of the ot...

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Hi girls, Im a ftm and I have recently moved to the hills area and would like to meet some new friends with younger children i have ...


Open learning in Parramatta Diocese Lock

Hi All My daughter is due to start kindy next year and we wanted to enrol her in a Catholic Schoo...

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Go with your gut instinct! Distance doesn't matter aslong as you are prepared to travel occassionally for him to meat up with ...

Are there any other mums in Penrith area?????? Lock

Hi, Just wondering if there are any other mums in the Penrith area?? Any mummies like going for a...

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hello, are there any mothers groups in Penrith? I have a 2 week old daughter and would love to meet other mums.