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Clinics??? Lock Rss

HI, i have just moved from canberra to western sydney. with my 5 month old daughter. i was wondering if in sydney we have baby clinic where you take your baby to like in canberra, for check ups and things. could anyone please help me. how long in advance do you have to book?
thanks alot guys

Tania,SYD,13mth girl. [email protected]

Call your local community health centre and they will give you your local clinic location and phone number and book in any developmental check ups. Often they are at local prmiary schools or early childhood centres. In my area there are drop in clinics for immunisations and weight checks each week and there is no need to make an appointment. For developmental check ups I needed to book 2 weeks in advance. I guess it depends on your local area how long it takes. I hope you find somewthing close by!
Thanks Kj, i had a feeling it was the same as in canberra i just wasnt sure. i will have to get the phone book out and have a look. in canberra you have to book 2 months in advance which i think is horrible. I will give them a ring and find out what i have to do thanks. what area are u from?

Tania,SYD,13mth girl. [email protected]

Hi Tania,
I hope you found all the information from KJ. Where abouts in Western Sydney????
I have a 7 month old son.

Erika, NSW

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