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ANY 19 YR OLD MUMS ??? Lock Rss

Hi there
Is there any 19 yr old mummys out there? Im 19 with a 6 week old baby girl and would love to chat to other mums the same age.
So if anyone is up for a chat here is my msn:
[email protected]
Hope to chat to you all soon.

Jessica,NSW,10 1/2 month old baby

hi there
im not 19 but i was 20 when i fell with my son...he is now 2 and im 23
[email protected]
feel free to add me or come and chat at

lani, bathurst, mum to jacob 2 years

Hi bubz_jess im also 20,but our babies are pretty close in age my little girl is six weeks now.
I added you to my msn so hope to talk soon!
love Dakota

*expecting no.4 in November*

Hi im not 19 but i had my son at 16 so i was a young mum, my sons 5 in september and i have just had a 8 weeks old...hehe actually i didnt just have him. Time flys so fast lol
Anywayz my msn is [email protected] if you wanna chat


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