An amazing FREE Course for young parents on parenting payment.

Starts: 21st May 2018
Duration: 7 weeks
Monday, Tuesday, Friday – 9.30-2.30pm
Penrith NSW Location - close to transport

• What is Train and Care?
Train and Care is a supported pathway to employment program that comprises four major components; practical training; childcare; work trial placements and training/mentorship. The program prepares young parents for long-term employment and offers individualised practical training.
Each program participant has access to a dedicated childcare broker, who assists them in securing a childcare spot. The program will cover gap payments and deposit fees for childcare for up to 9 months of the program.

• Who is eligible?
The program is targeted at parents under the age of 25 years old, without fixed employment and receiving parenting payments.

• Cost?
The Train and Care program is funded by the Department of Social Services.

• Duration
Train and Care is a 6-9 month training program that includes: up to 10 weeks of face-to-face training with other young parents, 2-4 weeks of work experience post-training in a selected field of interest, and 12-16 weeks mentoring in post-placement support.

• What employment opportunities are available?
Train and Care provides you with employment opportunities in the following industries: Business, Hospitality, Community Services, Retail, Logistics, Trades or any other industries of interest to you.

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