Hi everyone,

I'm an Art Therapist based in Crows Nest and Bondi Junction and I'm looking for some mum's to do free Art Therapy group sessions with.

I understand being a mum, especially a new mum, can be very exhausting on every level. After contemplating the challenges mums face and witnessing so many mums go through the experience, I thought if I was to create a space for mums to come together for a purpose it would benefit everyone.

My idea is to have an Art Therapy group where mums can come along for 1.5 hours at a time, meditate, do some art to express how you are feeling, and then we can do a group discussion on what came up in the creativity and how it relates to what's going on for you in life at the moment.

The feedback I get from people is really amazing and it can be a means for you to be social, express yourself, feel safe and comfortable, and be with like-minded mums on the same journey.

You will likely feel more peaceful, more able, more confident and best of all you will take this great feeling home with you to your family.

I'm looking for six mums at this point to do a 6 week program with, starting in the next couple of weeks?

The program will be free depending on where we do it, there might be a very small fee to cover room hire if we need to hire a room.

Anyone interested in joining the free program?