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Glendenning / Blacktown mothers groups Lock Rss

Hi everyone I'm looking for a mothers group or anyone to meet up while our kids play . I am 27 years old moved to Sydney 2 yrs ago I have a 9 year old girl that goes to school so am looking for play dates with my darling 10month baby girl . I live in Glendenning and looking to meet some new friends . Smile

I know that there is a playgroup at Stonecutters Ridge Community Centre on a I think Thursday. Check out the playgroup website that would have the details.

If that does not work search the website for a playgroup and try till you find one that you like.

Good luck.

From memory, there are a few that meet at Rouse Hill that I have seen mentioned on here and I always saw mums groups sitting at the little coffee shop next to the playground at Rouse Hill shops there. Not sure if it's too far for you. That's where I went when I lived in Marayong and Oakhurst.
Hi, i'am also a mum of two children. A four years old boy and a 4 month old girl. I found a play group at blackett public school on Thursday's. I also am looking for new friends...

Hope to hear from you...

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