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Play Group / Mothers Group at Sydney South West Lock Rss

Hi! I recently had my first baby and am looking for a mother's group to join- is there one that anyone knows of in the Casula area? I can drive though if it's in Liverpool or Prestons..
Hi everyone, I just had my baby boy a few weeks ago (first baby) and I'm looking for a mothers group or just some ladies to meet up with for a chat/coffee in the Liverpool area as I live in Prestons smile
Hi Ladies, I am a mum of 5 month old. I would love to meet up with mum with similar age bubs. We can meet up for a tea/coffee and perhaps plan a play dates. I live in Wollicreek.
Did anyone want to catch up around Wattle Grove/ Liverpool? .
I am interested to meet up with mums ,, my daughter is 10 months and I would like her to get in touch with other babies ...I live in liverpool please let me know if anyone is interested
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