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playgroups in moorebank area? Lock Rss

hi my name is mandy i have 3 children aged 6, 4 and 5months we just recently moved to moorebank but i am finding it hard to find a playgroup so was wondering if anyone new of any
thanks mandy

blessed mum of 3

There is one in Wattle Grove/Holsworthy. Any chance you are a defence family?


hi bec

nope i am not a defence family sorry i am guessing you are?

where abouts in holsworthy is it?

blessed mum of 3

Hi I'm a holsworthy mummy (not in the defence either) mum to a 19mth old boy and due an April bunny.

There is a playgroup at Wattle Grove community centre - you can get the details from Playgroup australia or there is also one I believe run in Hammondville at the church near the shops.

I personally tried the one at the wattle grove community centre but it wasn't for us... so am still on the hunt for one so may give the one at Hammondville a go.

thanks for your reply

i dont really like the ones run by playgroup association but will look into the other one.

i dont know any mums around here maybe if your interested we could have a coffee one day

blessed mum of 3

sounds good,

I'm fairly new to this forum (although i joined up ages ago) I only logged on to the forum yesterday for the first time as a friend told me they updated the website.. (im a long standing member of another forum which I'm on everyday)

where have you moved from?
i am also on another forum which i use everyday i am not often on here although now it has been updated i find i am using it more.

i moved from revesby.
i sent you a pm yesterday about my home buissness just in case you are interested.

blessed mum of 3

Hi Mandy,
Would you believe we are moving to Moorebank also; we're building in the new estate.
We are currently in Sutherland Shire but Logan is now 8months old and Im thinking about playgroups for him.

Perhaps if there are a few of us we could meet up and make our own?

hi jo

wow it looks nice there i am right around the corner. when are you moving in?
we will have to stay in contact so we can do playgroup or something once you move here smile

blessed mum of 3

Sorry Mandy, i thought it would notify my of a reply and it didnt. Clearly im not used the the "new" huggies site.

The house should start this week. So moving around October im guessing.

If you setup a playgroup let me know, im happy to travel. I dont want to make all these friends for Logan to play with here when we'll move and have to start all over again.

thats ok i am still getting used to it too.
havent been able to start a playgroup as yet but i am happy to have a meet up with oyu one day get to know each other then you will know us when you move in we live literally around the corner from where you are moving.
hope the building plans go well smile

blessed mum of 3

Hi everyone

My little one is 9 months old and I am looking for a playgroup too. I live in the new estate on Nuwarra Rd so definitley looking to meet some new faces with my son. Would love to hear from any of you, feel free to PM me smile

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