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Hi all, I have a 3yr old Ryan and soon after having him was encouraged to join a mothers group. It was for the social interaction, getting together with other mothers of bubs same age....I was having slight PND as well so though it would be a good outlet.

I chose one a little way from home to use it as my outing, making myself get out of house, even though it was difficult. I had an extremely unsettled baby, didn't sleep day or night and he ate well but had hidden more unsettledness. I had to really make myself go to the mothers groups sometimes as everyone said it would be good. I didn't for once consider it was the wrong group for me. It started getting very competitive as the children developed...and there was one mother there who had an older child that everyone flocked I wasn't even enjoying my time out...when i look back on it.

Just wondering what everyone thinks of "mothers groups"?
...I have learned different groups people suit different mothers, as things are not always "wonderful" as they seemed to those in my group. I don't want to be isolated but also know to find something that is right for me.

Amanda, Ryan 4 Ashley 5 months

I have a great mothers group. We met at the clinic and there are ten of us with babies all born from sep05 to oct05. We used to meet for coffee once a week but now go to each others houses. Sometimes it is everyone,sometimes only 4 or 5 of us. I don't think there is any competition between us,if there is I haven't noticed!
Maybe we are just lucky that we all got on.....
Have you tried playgroup or similar Amanda2M?
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