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hi im going to be having my first baby in blacktown birthing centre and i was hoping to find other mums who have been there in the past or plan on going there in the furture?

im also after some people to chat with if anyones interested please let me know, the waiting for the baby to come is really bad??


shell g mum 2 b

I have had both my children at Blacktown. I first daughter I planned to have in the birth centre, but due to complications ended up having a C-Section. My second daughter was born last Monday and she was born in the labour ward (due to the complications with #1). I really liked the hospital environment although visiting hours are a bit of a pain.

If you have any questions, let me know

Sharon, Kimberley, Jessica, {Angel} & Rebecca

i had my little boy at blacktown was gr8 the nures aswell as the midwifes were gr8 aswell...they are srtict with 3 people being in there..i had my little boy 9mnths ago..if wish to talk more plz do so
i live at [email protected]
hi I had my second child at Blacktown in Jan 06 I had no problems with the staff as they are there to help you and if I had any questions they would also answer them for you. I had him in the lab ward due to complications with the first at another hospital this is why I went to blacktown and if I was going to have any more I would go back to Blacktown. Good luck with the arrival of your baby.
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