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Carlingford Area Lock Rss

Just wondering if there are any mums in the Carlingford/North Rocks area that meet up.
I was going to a mothers group but it has finished now.
I have a 9mth old girl(but really she should only be 6mths as she was 3mths early)


hi rach, we have little group that meets and we r from windsor too baulkham hill,s kellyville and kingslangley! we have a forum that we chat on come and see....

ours bubs range from 7 months ( my youngest) to 2 i thoink is the oldest...

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

Hi Racheal,

My name is Alison, I'm 33yrs with two girls Ashley and Hayley 11mths. I grew up in Carlingford on the North Rocks border. I now live in Cherrybrook / Castle Hill. My mum and dad still live there, so I visit regularly. If you ever want to meet up at a park or for coffee, just email me at [email protected]

There is a group of us that sometimes meet up at Castle Hill for coffee and a play. We met through this site. But I don't mind inviting people to my house once we are all familiar with each other.


Hi Rach,

I live in Rydalmere/Dundas area and visit both North Rocks and Carlingford Shops often.

I have a 13month old daughter and 6yr old daughter and am 32yrs old.
I have a mothers group but most have returned to work and we dont meet up much anymore.

I would love to meet up and get to know others in the area - makes it easier to get out if you don't have to travel as far.


Sarah, NSW, Mirnada 10mths & Bronte 6yrs

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