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Anyone went to Sydney's Bonds' kids audition? Lock Rss

Just want to see if any mums took their children to the Moore Park photographic audition last Wednesday?

My mum went with us, it was such a hot day, I didn't think that they organised well enough. Lots of kids end up crying and tired waiting in the queue.

Anyway, does anyone know when the result will be out? Or has anyone's cuties already got selected?

Luke, with the force 27/07/2005

We 2 went 2 the bonds baby audition day,we got there,seen the line & turned straight back around.our daughter is 2 years old & both my husband & me agreed it wasn't worth standing there in the hot sun 4 probably 2 hours or more,i think those parents with smaller children would of found it easier,with a baby they don't know what's going on,as opposed to a 2 year old,my daughter is very patient 4 a 2 year old,but i just thought it would of been cruel 2 keep her out in the sun 4 that long,the only people that i think will benefit from waiting r the 1's who win.I'm not sure myself when the winner/s are announced,if i do hear anything i will let u know,& if u hear anything can u please let me know. thanks. jodie!

jodie,nsw,2 year old

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