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Email Pals Wanted = Kids to different dads ::or:: Single Mums ::or:: Mixed Race Families ::or:: Mums of 'Special' Kids ! Lock Rss

Hi everyone I am Georgie !

I know the above title is a bit of a mixed bag but hey THATS ME !
LOL (laugh out loud)

I looked through all the other email pals wanted type of topics/posts and thought well I noticed a few people stood out in my category so hey I might post a topic and see if they wanna chat - at least we will have something in common - and you never know but maybe , just maybe someone falls into all of the above ! Could that be you ?

I would love to hear from you guys so please post a little something about yourselves and I will definately get back to you .

thanx in advance


Georgie - 30yo - Bankstown area of Sydney NSW
[email protected]
Hi my name is Linda and I have 5 kids and 2 are not my hubbies.
Hey how r u? my names susie im a young mum im 21 i have a 2 yr old daughter 2 my ex partner which has hardly nothin 2 do with but i am also pregnant now due 8th dec having a baby boy i have been with my partner since i was pregnant with my daughter (madison) he is great as a father 2 her he does more 4 her than her real dad but i get that, im just so scared i spose when shes older 2 let her no that thats not her real dad i think it will hurt her, she calls him dad atm (at the moment) by the way misscalais do u go onto mirc?? im on there sometimes ur name just rings a bell anyways i hope 2 hear bak from u soon if u want or any1 wants 2 email me just 4 a chat plzz feel free 2
[email protected]

btw(by the way) im from melb vic

[email protected]

Hi Georgie I could say that i am in a similar situation as yourself as i have a 12mth old baby girl with downsyndrome she has 2 sisters eldest is 15 and the other is 3 they absolutely adore her which makes things a little easier for me,my eldest daughter is from a previous marriage and my 2 youngest daughters are from my now partner of whom i am only engaged to not married.
I see you are from Bankstown as for me i am from Sth Wentworthville/Mayshill area near Parramatta.

I can say that your topics do pull me in as i have been a single mother,i have 3 children-2 different fathers and 1 of my girls is special so i wouldn't go as far as saying that your topic is outrageous but right to the point.

Will sign off now,hope to get a reply soon till then have a nice xmas and new year.

Joy...NSW...mum of 3G's

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