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young mum in sydney Lock Rss

im 19 \ f \ syd im haveing my 1st im 17 weeks and im really scared the father of my baby has just left me after a 7 month relationship and he does not want ne thing to do with bub or me help me some one give me advice thanx


Hi Karen,

My name is Debbi. Im 28 and live in sydney (south suburbs). By the time you read this, you should have had your baby or will be due very soon.

Im sorry to hear that you will not have the babys father around, but, it is his loss. The only advice that I can give you is to keep in contact with your family and friends. They are great for moral support (not to mention baby sitting for an hr) smile

My e-mail address is : [email protected] - feel free to send me an e-mail if you want some one to chat to. I will deffinately reply.

Debbi,NSW, Mum to Krystal (3) and Hayley (2mth)

hi there Karen,
my name is lee, im 21 and i have a 8 month old boy and live in bankstown, sydney. i really do know how you fell darling,i fell in love with a man from serbia, yugoslavia, when i was 5 months pregnet i found out he didnt have a visa, and he was locked up in villawood detention cente. he chose to go back to serbia when i was 6 mths pregnet, from that moment till my baby was 2 months old i really thought a was going to be a single mother, ]like my mother] i was soo scared i had no where to live no money, my mothers boyfriend at that stage didnt welcome me to live with them, so i built up the strenght for my unborn baby and got out of bed stopped crying all day and night and seeked help off the housing commision. they provided me with 4 weeks bond and 1 week of rent to get me on my feet. after i payed rent from my pay check i was left with 50 dollars for the next two weeks, i had nothing organised for my baby to come, i started ring the trading post, went to garage sales and second hand stores and got some help of st vincent de paul, three very lovely old people came around and talked to me, the next time they came they had beautiful near new clothes new bath set baby products nappies heaps and heaps of stuff too much to mention, they were great kept in contact with me to see if i needed more, a few weeks later the stress of it all got to me and started getting very depressed and angry, went to the doctor and she diagnosed me with post natel depresson, im now on zoloft tablets and feel 100% better,anyway i got in contact with deki my babies father, and guess what im now this very moment in belgrade serbia and have been for 4 months, and due to come home 28th of jan 04 and wait for him, we are getting married in the next couple weeks and i couldnt be happier, any way sweety love to catch up with you and hang out with our babies together, hope you are going ok, stay strong and if you need to talk im an email away, {[email protected]}, love lee, paja and deki,

lee,sydney, 71/2 mth baby

Hi Karen,

I was 19 when i was pregnant and i now have a beautiful 10 month old baby girl. I have been through the same thing. I fell pregnant after being in a relationship for only 2 months. I tell you something the earlier a man leaves the BETTER!!! You go through the process of trying to make things work and in the end it really wasn't worth it. Me and ex were engaged and were together for just over a year. I left him when bubs was 4 months. I could handle him, he was too selfish!! MUMS THE WORD. My mother is a angel. Even if you lose your friends, Pick your family over everything!! Where abouts are you from?

Just keep the ex as far away as you can.....nothing but trouble there!!!

Mum to Vanessa (April 03)

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