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Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone would know a good swimming school. I live in the suburb of Girraween which is near Merrylands, Wenthworth and Parramatta. Email if you have any suggestions [email protected]

Thanks Angela


Sorry, can suggest one at Sylvania, but not sure of your area, word of mouth is usually the best way.

If you visit the site of
If has a section of swim school locator. This will help find any in the area or nearby.

Michelle, mum to Corey 14/3/03 - Bankstown

Hi Angela Im Angela:)smilesmile

I just recently had my two girls doing swimming lessons at Parramatta Pools through swim safe.....
you can check their web....

it was excellent the kids loved it, they put their heads under water and dog paddle and all now.... it was great for all.....
at the end of their lessons, which went for 9 days they got a certificate as well they were really proud of them selves as was me and daddy

i plan on putting them in again for the next lesson up its excellent
HI Angela

Thanks for the website. Being new to sydney its hard to know where to find places. I will have a look on the austswim website. Parramatta is not far from me 15 mins away might trake my son there.

Thanks again




i spoke to swim safe the other day, seeing your post made me think .....

they do lessons from late October - about January.....

How old is your little one?????????????????

My girls have already done the Tadpole lessons and are going to do both the Frog and Dolphin classes this year..........

But maybe if your lil one is around the same age we can make our own set classes, im pretty sure they do that too if you have enough lil ones.......
My sister is wanting to do it this year too her lil one he will be turning 3..............

So post me back if you like..............
HI Angela

Sorry it has taken me so long to response. That is great to no that they do swimming inOctober. Rory is 16months old. Let meknow when the classes are being helded.

Hope to hear fromyou soon.

here is my email address [email protected]



when i usedto travel to sydney by train i used to see a swimming school out the window i think it was at toongabbie or thereabouts

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi Angela, I checked out the Austswim website and found the local swim school for DS. We're going into our second term now - we go every Tuesday morning. DS is 10 months old and is asleep before I've even left the carpark. Gotta love that!! We go to the Stanhope Leisure Centre in Blacktown, it's undercover and nice and warm - we started in winter!! It's a good idea to start them when they are still young as some of the kids in the older classes just scream their heads off - all term!!

If you live in Girraween you have Tony Shaw's on Targo Road. I take my 18mnth daughter there and find it ok

The Auburn Aquatic Centre is great. The instructors are marvelous.

Tanya, Strathfield

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