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Hi my name's Katie,
I was 19 years old and I had only been with the father for 2 months when I found out I was pregnant, although he wanted me to keep baby and move out with him. Four days after we moved out he told his mum he wasn't ready and he sent me a txt message to terminate the preganancy, I was already 12 weeks pregnant so I told him where to go and he moved out and left me in a unit with nothing.. He and his mother had taken everything right down to the toothpaste! The mother was still calling my mum to tell me to terminate right up to 4 months. I am now 20 and have a beautiful 7 week old son and couldn't be happier!! I feel as though I have already accomplished so much (with the support of my family) as I had to start from scratch.. I think the father has moved but I have had no contact with him or his family but I couldn't care less..
Congratulations on the birth of your baby!
Being a mum is great and even though you have had to go through so much, i know that you will find it to be the best thing in the world

Mummy to Talana Michelle Kimberley (13/12/2003)

Thank you so much.. I'm really enjoying being a mum.. thank you again!!
I HEAR YA!! Same thing happened to me i was 19 years old and only been with the father for 2 months before i know i was pregnant, but there was no way in hell i was moving out!! Baby Girl is now 11 months and i haven't been with her father for 6 months. I wish he was gone earlier, before she was born. Its been nothing but court battles and legal aid, etc etc. It's better without the men around (sorry to say, but its true). Next month its her 1st birthday and my 21st birthday (4 days apart) and we will party without him.

Just remember: Never forget YOUR family. smile

My mum is my best friend and i couldn't do it without her. Cheers to mums!!

Mum to Vanessa (April 03)

Yeah I have to go see Legal Aid this month otherwise centrelink will deduct my payments. I don't know why they do that? Cos I can't get child support (cos no proof he dad cos nothing in writing stating he is cos haven't spoken or seen him since I was 12 weeks pregnant) and if you don't try to get payment (which I did), they deduct my payment!!
i know, it stupid isn't it? they said the same to me and now my ex pays child support. and if you want DNA test its costs like $400. I hate men tongue

Mum to Vanessa (April 03)

I have a 10 week old baby girl- I was 22 when I met her dad. We'd only been together 3 months when I fell pregnant, and I left him when my baby was 5 weeks old. He lives in another state and was absolutly devastated when I left him. I moved back to my parents in Sydney, and he tried everything to get me back from love to bribery to blackmail to threats. He told my family I am a drug addict, luckily they can easily see that's not true, but he got so bad I had to get an avo. Now he's insisting on a hearing in court for the avo, and he's taking me to family court to fight me for custody of the baby. I don't want him anywhere near my baby- he's completly irresponsible with her. When she was less than 3 hours old, he took he for a 'walk'away from the hospital while I was asleep, and was found by police with her in a pub!!! That's only the beginning... We both know they won't take a baby this young away form her mother, but I am really scared about seeing him in court and about the expense- I'm told a decent barrister will cost around $25000. My parents may have to sell their house. He's only doing this to pay me back for leaving him. Does anyone have any advice for me for the avo hearing or the family court matter? I'm so nervous about it all I feel sick all the time. Please help?

Ellie, NSW, DD 3 yrs & TTC # 2

To Ellie,

Do you breastfed, even if you don't, tell them that you do. He'll have NO chance then. If you are on Centrelink benefits, the court will only cost $40- (been here, done that). Use everything you can think of against him. Especially the pub thing. Try not to cry until something over-the-top happens, never show weakness to a male (esp. an EX). You will win and when its over you'll know you did the best for your baby.

Hope i helped. smile

Mum to Vanessa (April 03)

hey was just wondering if u bubs name is venessa if so thats my name to loll i also have a 7 months old girl live at inverell nsw ok chat later hopfully

venessa,nsw, 3 year old girl, #2: EDD 17/7/07

Its Vanessa not Venessa, she 11 months smile I live at Liverpool.

Mum to Vanessa (April 03)

Hi kt,
you may have already sorted out your centrelink payment, but I thought I'd mention that I also have no proof that my ex is my baby's father. He refused to sign a statutory declaration, (which is absurd, as he is taking me to court to contest my baby's residency!!!), so I saw a social worker at cenrelink to apply for an exemption from getting maintinance. I made an appointment, and the exemption was granted, so my payments are the full amount.
If you're still having trouble, give that a try!

Ellie, NSW, DD 3 yrs & TTC # 2

Hi Ellie,
Thanks for that.. I still have to wait for my appointment with Legal Aid which is in 2 weeks before I know anything but I will mention that for sure cos I don't see why I have to chase my ex for Centrelinks sake when I've had no contact with him for ever and I don't even know where he is now..
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