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medical advice from you smart mummies please... Lock Rss

what does it mean when you have heart palputations(sp) you know when you can feel your heart beating (and i dont mean with my hand from the outside, for those of you who might have wanted to point out the obvious!!LOL)

i get it every know and then, it feels really weird and i dont know what it means.
Coffee can cause heart pulpitations or stress or yelling.
Very common and really frustrating.
I hope you feel ok.
Especially if I drink too much coffe i get them.

DH used to get them, he had a heap of tests and they all came back fine, they just put it down to stress and since starting his new job hes been fine.

Living with DS with heart problems I am a big stickler for getting everything checked!! Hearts worry me so much, the tests are pretty sraightforward.
I would definately mention it to your Dr next time you are in though.
Good Luck
what problems does your DS have jess? i didnt realise, is it serious?

kat i dont drink coffee, not one drop, although do drink quite a bit of coke, guess thats similar!
DS has a hole in his heart and the left side of his heart in enlarged and spongy, meaning it doesn't contract a much as it should.
Its not serious at the moment, he will need to go on medication next year to thin his blood then they will see how he goes with that.
yeah coffee is a common one for doing that, also it happens in pregnancy too.

if its a random i wouldnt be too worried unless it continued, but if its happening pretty regularly i would get it checked,
I get those, when I was pregnant with DD1 it used to get so bad I was passing out once a day for a bit there. Turned out I have a narrowed Mitrl Valve in the heart and as this is the one that pumps the oxygenated blood around the body, sometimes it couldn't keep up and would cause the fainting. (Happens mainly when pregnant because of the increase in blood supply.) Apparently it's very common in tall thin people.

3 Gorgeous Girls!

I get those when I'm anaemic. and if I have too much coffee... or get a bit excited/anxious.
Posted by: littleteapot
I get those when I'm anaemic. and if I have too much coffee... or get a bit excited/anxious.

you would want to be careful with your blind man there then

thanks girls, i might just mention it to the doc next time im there. they dont happen all that regularly but enough to make me wonder!

jess, hope the medication for luke goes ok.
Hi Carmen, I also got them when I was anaemic. Might be worth getting your iron levels checked.
this is gonna sound weird lol
but you more then likely get heart pulpatations from worms :S lol

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