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OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Lock Rss

I know that there is probably no one even up still to read this but......

I just heard from Shana, she is in full labour now. Her contractions are 7 minutes apart and she is in a fair bit of pain. She's using the gas, but she said Dean keeps stealing it, lol, I guess he's a bit stressed!!

Well I reckon there should be a new little baby here in the next few hours!! YAY!!
Great news..
the way this baby is going she will probably be born just after midnight!!!

Isnt it always good to hear that the expecting dad is doing so well that THEY have to have something to calm them down!!

michelle DS1 9/1/06, DS2 15/10/07

GO SHANA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well I'm off to bed.

I'm guessing bubs will make her way into the world sometime tomorrow morning.

I will let you all know of any updates I get from Shana!!
YAY im so glad things are moving for her!! I guess we can expect a msg from her soonish!!
Ohhhhh Shana probably has her little bubba in her arms right now. Maybe she is having a little sleep with her gorgeous little girl snuggled up on her chest. Awwww it would be worth all the pain!!
Hope everyone is well Shana.

Hope Shana has had her beautiful little girl and she is no longer 'mummy2b'!
Can'rt wait to hear about her.
Oh I keep forgetting there is a time difference, so it would only be 5am there right?
Hopefully she will text someone soon!!
she is making me want a baby so bad now!!! atleast i get to do it again, ive got 5 mths till we can try
Wow how exciting!!!

Cant believe its finally happened it feels like the longest pregnancy in history.. She's probably feeding her right now.. AAAahhhhhhhhh doesnt it make u want to have another one??? lol

Great job Shana and Dean.. smile]

Ooooooooooooh come on someone wake up and fill us in. IS THERE A BUBBY YET????? Its 5.26am Shanas time so hopefully they havent let her keep going all this time.
WAKEUP BENMAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need an update. I woke up this morning super excited, had to jump on here. The Shana Bug has taken over me!!!


Oh thankgod the poor thing must be sooo exhausted.
Hope she's holding a very brand new healthy girl right now.

Come on guys....UPDATE PLEASE!!!!!!

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