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thats so funny- can u imagine if she too goes on huggies she could be reading how stupid she was for saying that-even worse haha

My son is 13 mths old and he still wears bond suits - i love them because he is tucked in and warm, i bought him new ones yesterday in size 2 - i wish they made them in size 3

love my boys

My DS wears bonds suits all the time too. i only put him in trousers and jumpers if i am going out for the day. the bonds suits keep him so snug and warm and they look so cute.

my son looks like a cute littel package in his bonds suit ...he always smells so good and I love cuddling him in his suit ...I love cuddling him anyway but he is so snugh in his bonds ...

I wish I could think of things that quick ....waht did the woman say when you said she was in her cleaning clothes ?????
I didn't turn around again after I said it. She was really rude, and she got her response - I wasn't going to get in an argument with her or have her tell me she wasn't being rude as she obviously was, so by turning my back on her it was end of conversation!

That checkout girl will be telling that story for days I am sure, she was nearly wetting herself..

Great comeback - I always wish i had th guts to come back at people when they make stupid statements like that woman did. And obviously she needs to check out her own fashion sense before commenting on a baby's fashion sense!

James' Mum

Good on you!! I cant stand those rude people that look down their nose! And for her to make a comment- How rude!! Well done, Im sure that made you feel good whereas if you had said nothing, you would have been fuming about it all day
I am normally so weak, I'd generally laugh, or say "Oh yes, I haven't had time to dress her yet".

which makes me even prouder of what I did!

stupid rude woman. I'm just lucky I changed into jeans before going or I might have been in my trackys

Good on you girl!!!

nee Lilysmama - Proud Mama of 2 Girls

LMAO thats great good on ya

Well done.. you certainly ate your bowl of clever & witty for breakfast that morning!!! Sensational comeback!!!
I must admit, now that Connor is older i call them his pyjamas.
when he was little though he would wear them all the time.

How rude of her to say that. Good on you. lol

i think babies look cute in them.

That response was so clever and funny! Well done. You have given me a great giggle tonight.

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