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Hi I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about keeping the kids entertained at a 1st birthday, also what things did you do?

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There isn't a lot you can do at a 1 year olds birthday party, but maybe you could try what I did for my older two kids. We had a lot of family and friends with children around the same age (give or take 6 months), so what we did, is ask every body that came to bring a toy suitable for a 6-18 month old baby. (making sure the owner of the toy's name is on it). We then made an extra large playpen, using shade cloth around the legs of a gazebo (adding a couple of extra poles for strength). We put a couple of old blankets on the floor, and all the toys went inside. Once the toddlers and babies went in to, they were so excited at seeing all these "new" toys, it kept them amused for hours. They only wanted to come out for food, and sleep. It worked for us.

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For my sons first birthday we had this bubble machine. They all absolutely loved it and it kept them happy for ages
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My son is having his 1st birthday Party in May, and we don't have many friends with babies/Kids, all up there will be about 5 children here and alot of adults. I'm already worrying that the people we are inviting are going to be bored out of their brains as i've never been to a kids party myself, so i'm not sure what to do. Any ideas would be much appreciated
Hi Tanya,

It was the same at my son's birthday party. Mainly adults with only a few kids. We had a BBQ in our local park which meant the adults pretty much sat around chatting, eating and drinking while the kids played on the playground equipment and just generally ran around and had fun. We had a birthday cake for him and opened his presents back at the house later on where we served tea and coffee. Everyone had a great time and the kids enjoy themselves no matter where they are. Suggest you keep it pretty relaxed and everyone will have a great time.

Hope this helps.

Hi there my daughters 1st birthday will be in october and i am planning on getting a jumpping castle for all the kids, i will get the adult size so that way even the adults can have a little fun with their kids. For her christening party i will get a clown who does tricks, ballons and face painting so that will be fun too. Hope i have given you some ideas.

Lidia, Vic, Baby Girl

Im getting old mcdonalds farm to come with their baby animals. Im not sure how much it costs...but whatever, it will be worth it!

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