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My 4year DD grinds her teeth at night when she's asleep! It is so loud that i can hear it from her room across the hall!
I've taken her to the dentist and there is nothing they can do because she is so young and they are her baby teeth, but i can see that she is grinding her teeth away!
Any suggestions would be helpful. I just want a peaceful night sleep as well as i'm a light sleeper.

Kaliyah Jett 11/11/02 & Cruze Scarlett 8/8/06

I don't know what you could do about the noise keeping you awake, but if it's any consolation I ground my teeth in just the same way when I was younger (kept my mother awake!)and my teeth didn't suffer too much for it. You can see a few tiny flat areas of tooth where there are meant to be points (e.g. on my canines) but it's not obvious at all and I've never actually had any issues with the health of my teeth.
It's probably just a phase, albeit a fairly long one, and she'll eventually grow out of it. I stopped doing every night after I was about 6, and from then on only did it occasionally. My husband still gets woken up by it every now and then! I wouldn't worry too much.
Hi, my DD (3) does the same thing, but not every night.
I was also told by my Dr not to worry too much as she will grow out of it, and hopefully by then she will get her adult teeth.
I cant really offer any advice for you to get a decent nights sleep sorry. But im sure your DD will be fine. smile]

i have heard it is a sign of worms.... now i am not sure how accurate this is, but if your DD is at daycare or has petsthere may be something to it. I just worm the familyusually once every 3 months or so, jusat with going to schools and daycare, you never know. just an idea.
The old wives tale is if you grind your teeth in your sleep, it's a sure sign of intestinal worms.
Another way to check for worms (and this is from an OLD italian woman) is to hold some stinky cheese - romano is the best apparently - near the anus and after a few minutes you will see the worms heading out to investigate what smells so good.

or u can just treat her for worms with combantrin!!(sp)

i grind my teeth wen stressed!

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Thanks everyone!
Someone else told me about it may being worms and i checked with the Dr and it wasnt but i wormed her just in case. It started to happen early last year when dh wen to UK for 6months ( and dd is a daddy's girl) and got really bad when we were in a car accident with a semi trailer. DO you think it could be stress related like adults?

Kaliyah Jett 11/11/02 & Cruze Scarlett 8/8/06

My nearly 5 year old grinds his teeth as well. I too was told about the wifes tale about it being a sign of worms so I gave him worm stuff and guess what??? Yep he still grinded his teeth. I have spoken to a paediatrican who laughed very loudly about the worm theory and then said they usually grow out of it.. but he couldnt offer me a ball park figure as to when that may be.

I know what you are talking about as the grinding was so loud one night I thought it was a noise outside. I went to investigate only to find it was my son grinding his teeth 3 rooms away! He has a bit of a cold at the moment so his grinding has been terrible. It makes my blood run cold. Honestly I have lived with people grinding their teetch and snoring but NEVER have I ever been woken up by them.

Sorry I dont have any advice but if anyone finds anything that works please please please let me know.
Well if the Dr has said it is not worms and you have treated her for worms then I'd say it's a habit of hers and this one is going to be a hard one to break. Is it only when she sleeps or while she is awake too?

You'd think if it is a habit, it would happen most of the time awake and asleep.....?

Sorry, can't work out what would be the best thing to do....maybe buy yourself some earplugs!
i definately think it may be stress related- kids go thru stressful times just like us adults, i know its hard coz she is only 4 but try to get her to talk about her feelings and reassure her- wether that will stop it i dont know but i dare say it may help!
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