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Did you get what you wanted? TOY SALES Lock Rss

I went to Kmart and Big W at 9am as i thought that it opened then, but it didnt. it was opened at 8am. the few items that i did want were already sold out, I missed out on the wiggles keyboard, (but thats ok, was only $3 off anyhow.)
adn the ride in cars at Kmart, ($139), got a rain check for that too.
Half the stuff i couldnt find, and, when i found some stuff, it was just not that great, ie those pig toy boxes in Kmart. The lids didnt shut prperly.
i got the train set that makes sound fo r $20, which was great.
I also got the Bonds suits for new baby or like $4 something. very cheap.

Went to Target, and they have 20 to 40 % off all there baby section too. worth a look, i got lots of great stuff from there.

cant wait to targets toysale.

3 Little Ones to Love.....

i havent even gone out yet... lmao not going till saturday, If the things arent there when we go ill get them from the target one.. we dont have a big W here in hicksville... I did however ring up my Kmart and they put the wooden cubby house on the back page of catalouge on layby for me over the phone VERY HAPPY

i think i know the one your talking about, looks good. someone stole my catalogue out of my troley at kmart, Cheeky buggers

3 Little Ones to Love.....

i am so stupid, i'm actually on my lunch break from work an thought i try to do my shopping at big w with out zoe...


last year i remember doing big w and k mart all before work only took me about an hour, well i get there today chech the layby line, and i couldn't even find the end!! it was all over the store! so i left and came home for lunch.

i hope the stuff i want is still there tonight! i cant be bothered stuffin around with rainchecks
WE ARE GOING 2MORROW NIGHT (sorry about the caps) luckily we dont have our hearts set on anything in particular though there are some thing we want we are flexible, i almost cancelled our wonderful wiggles hamper cause i seen the toys in the BIG W catalouge, lucky i didnt.
went to big w this morning an i was very lucky to get what i wanted just have to wait for target one now so i can finish off my shopping,have done all 10 neices and nephews and half my daughters at big w so xmas is just about completed now, didnt go to kmart as kmart here is really bad, the staff never now where anything thing is and cant be bothered trying to help you so i juct dont go their
I sent my husband to Kmart this morning to get the 'My 1st Trampoline' for our son. He said it wasn't too busy at 7.30am.

We went to Big W last night and made a lay by. The toys were at the reduced price but the lay by is only for 10 weeks instead of until Xmas Eve. But at least I'll have all of his Xmas presents paid for by Sept!
The Big W near us didn't have any scuttlebug scooters delivered. Might go back tonight and check if any arrived.

hi, i went this morning to kmart just to have smoko with dh who works out on the back dock.(townsville)it was absolute mahyhem, but please be patient with them here as nearly half their staff rang in sick or are on holidays, so that is why only a few registers were opened. i don't get why everyone has to go on the first day thought, especially if you only want to layby, as they will raincheck nearly everthing, plus i know the townsville store still has heaps of stock(maybe not of everything, but still)i am waiting till next week, as i know exactly what i want(and it can be rainchecked)and i am only laybying till xmas......cheers cat
Catb7.. i went on the first day so that i could actually get the 2 or 3 things i wanted. As it was one of them i couldnt get a raincheck on.
And Rainchecks are a price guarantee at Kmart, not an actual stock guarantee. So you are not always going to get what you want even with a raincheck.
This is why i go in early.
And as for Them letting their staff have holidays on the biggest sale of the year, that is just bad management if you ask me.

3 Little Ones to Love.....

My mum went for me this morning ( I dont live in the city) and she got both things that I wanted. The fisher price spin&bounce zebra and the FP house. Almost half price!! Im going to go up myself next year, Im spewing I cant be up there for this one!!
All I wanted from K-Mart was the Baby Born High Chair but they were all gone and it is a no raincheck item sad Oh well.

Hey Stace did ur mum get the spin and bounce zebra from kmart or big w? I want to get J one too.
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