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Maybe a silly Q but.... Lock Rss

In relation to govt. cutting down C/link payments for the ppl that spend it on drugs and alchol- how do they know who how is spending it on that???

does that make sense?? as i sed maybe a silly Question...
i was wondering the same thing. its going to be a bit hard to police isnt it?

Maybe it will be done for families where child protective services have been involved, and discovered that the money has been spent on grog etc.
That's the only way I can think of that they will be able to know for sure what's happening.
oh good so im not the only one LOL
I heard an explanation that some families choose (by their own choice) to have their rent paid by Centrelink directly and the rest of their entitlemnt goes to them. This way the rent is always paid. Instead of this being an option, it is now compulsory for families suspected of not using Centrelink payments for the right reasons.

The Fed Govt is escpecially keen on ensuring that the mmoney goes twoards childrens education. So the family still gets the same entitlement but not in a cash payment. I think it involves co-operation with the states school systems etc. Ie if a child is turning up to school with no lunch, no shoes etc then with co-operation they will try to find out why the money isn't being spent on the child. I'm not explaining this well but it is a way to ensure that the money is spent on the children for education, food etc. This is further made difficult as some parents haven't even enrolled their kids at school. It is very, very sad.

oh ok, well that makes sense- it just seems to be a big thing, there is noway they could get every1- unless they do this with EVERY1 even ppl doin the right thing IYKWIM?
There is no such thing as a silly question so please dont worry.If you dont ask something you will never know and that is how we all learn.

The government have many government agency computer systems that are linked that run 24/7 with data that is matched. ie the tax office, child support, centrelink etc.. That is how they find out a lot of things. They also would rely on people like Doctors, specialists, hospitals, DOCS, schools, daycare centres,centrelink, police,youth clubs,church groups,welfare agencies, ambulance, fireman, life guards etc anyone that has contact with children. Never under estimate what people see and report ie neighbours, ex partners, friends and relatives. I have worked in places where fellow staff members have seen behaviour that was concerning and contacted either police or DOCS. I know a lady who saw another lady hit her child around the head while putting him in the car and threaten him. She took down her rego and contacted the police.

Big Brother is always watching and I dont mean the one that lives in People see and know more then you think and although they tend to turn a blind eye to adults behaviour when it involves children being mistreated even the hardest person tend to stick their necks out to stop it.

Hope that answers your question.
This is a media article I have just found. It says the exact details will be announced in a few days. What I told you earlier was a summery of what I heard Brough (the Minister) say to Neil Mitchell on 3AW this morning.

CANBERRA, July 4 AAP - States and territories are supportive of moves to quarantine welfare payments to irresponsible parents, Families Minister Mal Brough says.

But Mr Brough said the number of parents who may be deemed irresponsible would not be known until the states and territories provided information about school attendance.

Cabinet yesterday agreed to Mr Brough's plan to withhold payments from all parents who do not spend the money in their children's interest and do not enforce school attendance.

The action already has been taken against residents of indigenous communities in the Northern Territory as part of the federal government's crackdown on indigenous child abuse.

He said new welfare plan would extend across the country as a long-term measure.

The minister said he would provide finer details of the plan in the next few days after they had been finalised, but the aim was to ensure children received the essentials for life.

"Simply put we've been working with the states and territories for children at risk of neglect - that's not abuse, that's neglect - and introducing the quarantine system there for food shelter and clothing," Mr Brough told ABC Radio today.

He said states and territories had been supportive of the plan, but the number of people involved would not be known for some time.

"That's just too big a question to ask, because these are children who until we get the information from the states and the public and the private school system to say what school enrolments there are and wash it across the Centrelink data, we are simply guessing," he said.

The NT alone had more than 2,000 children who were not enrolled in school and never had been, he said, and many more were believed to be truant.

"So we know that is a problem around the country to differing degrees," he said.

"The first thing I want to do is find out who these children are (and) get them the appropriate support."

Thank goodness it is happening to the nation as a whole.

nee Lilysmama - Proud Mama of 2 Girls

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