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Only of interests to Neighbours fans please Lock Rss

Hello I was watching Neighbours last night when the phone rang and got talking. I know someone left but I have no idea who.. I saw all the people wave them off and I saw Skye come back inside and say to Caleb something like " Its going to be weird without them, I am going to miss them etc", but have no idea who left the show.

Can anyone who saw the show please fill me in?

It was Lollie, She misses her family, and wanted to move back to be with them. Zeke is devastated. Lollie was a shocking actress anyhow i think.

3 Little Ones to Love.....

Lolly left!
gald she left ....she annoyed me and kept hurting Zeke..they are my friends you know ha ha ha
Thanks heaps guys!!! Thats a relief that it was only Lollie left I didnt really watch much of what she did

So I also say Fraser, Rosie, Fraser's mum, Ringo and Rachelle sitting on the lounge talking.. I heard Fraser say to Ringo something like " Yeah but in different rooms".. what was that about?

Thanks again for letting me know about Lollie I thought it was Ringo and Rachelle that had left for some reason after them talking on the lounge..phew I like them lol
Yeah, I saw the part where Lolly was on the couch with someone and I thought that was her step mum who abused her...

Did she get some kind of help or something?

Then I saw the car drive away but missed who was in it. Had to ask DH.

I just wrote something about someone else apparently leaving and asking if anyone else had heard it. Realised it would be a bit of a spoiler so deleted it...Geez, gotta be careful hey?!

hi calebsmum
Frasers mum wants ringo to come home again, and the girlfriend too, but fraser says they have to sleep in separate rooms ~ nothing exciting
Hey - did anyone else cry when Stringray died ? I still haven't got over him leaving Neighbours !!

when Heaven said there were boys ... I asked for 2

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