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Calling all "ELDERS" haha Lock Rss

Well, come out of hiding those who are pre 06 members!!!
i am giggling now cos you want to have an elders meeting!! and talk about how you's demand RESPECT!! LMAO!
Well I miss the cut by a month. I originally joined Jan 06. I guess that makes me a 'teen'?

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

It makes you an ant in this life honey!!
whooowhoo ...i am also a teen again ...this time I am going to do my teen years properly mucking around in the back seat of cars with boys lol lol I promise

I also joined in Jan 06
I am a pre 06 member

LOL, yes I was off travelling the world with hubby, no where near my computer and we were deciding whether we should try for a baby or not- so huggies was not a site I visited then.
[Edited on 27/06/2007]
I knew I'd seen your name here for a while!!
Who TP?

You ebz0027
I've been a member since mid 2004, had to change my name with the new site, and hence lost all my posts etc

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