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Someone told me today about a $600 payment that you get once a year for each of your children at the end of the financial year.

Can you tell me what its called?

Am I elegible for it? (I have 2 boys 16/1/06 & 28/1/07)

Would I have to apply for it or is it automatic? (I didn't get anything last year)


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i think it is paid automatically by centrelink to your bank account once your partners income tax return is lodged....

check out for further info
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It's the parenting supplement. I've just tried to find the info on the Centrelink website and it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack! Maybe call them and ask. I've received it in the past for my children and I have only ever received it once my hubby's income tax return has been lodged and assessed.
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[Edited on 23/06/2007]
Basically everyone is eligible for this offset once the families tax returns have been lodged. What they do is work out if you have been paid the correct amount throughout the year and adjust it accordingly (usually 600 per child) This is the amount for the whole year and is pro rated depending on when your children were born. If you have under estimated and were paid more then you were thought to be entitled then you will not recieve the money as centrelink keep it to offset any debt. Hth
Its called the Family Tax Benefit Supplement and if you do a search in centrelinks website it will tell you all about it. Basicly the $6oo is now $667.95 per child for FTB part A provided you are eligible for FTB part A. If you are not eligible or if you were over paid FTB part A this financial year or have any past outstanding debts then you will not receive it. Not everyone is entitled to this payment. FTB is subject to an income test so if you earn over the cut off them you wont get FTB part A or the supplement.

There is also a FTB part B supplement of $324.85 per family. This is exactly the same and only if you were eligible for FTB part B and were not over paid or any past debts will you receive it. As like the FTB part A not everyone is entitled to this payment due to the income test. You will only get this once per family, not per child like the FTB part A.

So if you are eligible and have no outstanding debt owed to the Commonwealth government ie centrelink or the ATO then with 2 children you would receive approx $1335.90 FTB A and $324.85 FTB B supplement, so $1660.75 total.

Without knowing the reason why you didnt get it last year its hard to say if you will get it this year. But if you didnt get it last year as you werent entitled to FTB A or B or have a debt with the commonwealth government and your circumstances havent changed then chances are you will not get it again this year. If you still have outstanding debts from past years then you will still not get this as Centrelink and the ATO will keep it to repay these debts.

If you are entitled then once both you and your partner have lodged a tax return it will be processed after that. In the past if you or your partner will not be lodging a tax return then you needed to phone centrelink and let them know you will not be lodging a tax return. The system waited for both partners to lodge a tax return so if you didnt lodge the system just kept on waiting until you did. It would be worth contacting centrelink and asking if this is still the case.

Above all always phone centrelink and enquire about your personal situation as they can access your personal file and have all your details on their screen and be in the best position to let you know if you are entitled to the supplements. Centrelinks system is so complex and we are all different and there are changes all the time.

Good luck
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Sorry just realised that one of your children was born 28/01/07. As they were only born in the middle of this financial year if eligible you are only entitled to a pro rata from the date he was born to the 30th of June 2007. Centrelink could probably explain that better then me.. sorry but realised after my first post.. As I said before phone centrelink to enquire.
Hi Calebsmum...

Just thought I would ask you seeing you know a lot about it...
Do you still get the full amount of the supplement if you arn't entitled to the full amounts of FTB A and B or do you get it according to how much you are entitled to?
Gizmo my understanding is even if you only get $1 of FTB A and or B then providing you dont have any debts to the commonwealth government then you are entitled to the supplements. That is you would need to get $1 FTB A to get the FTB A supplement and $1 of FTB B to get FTB B supplement.
FTB A & B are paid at a sliding scale so depending on how much your income it depends on how much FTB A & B you get. We were not entitled to the full amount of FTB A or B last year and we got the full supplements.

As I said before they are always changing things as you so just phone centrelink to confirm.. nothing worse then waiting for money to come only to find out its not.. Its always best to get it confirmed by the people in the know.

Hope that helps.
Yep thats a great help THANKS!

Thanks heaps!!!

I'll go into centrelink tomorrow and see what will happen with me.

I think I didn't get anything last year as my partener and I earn't too much and DS#1 was only around for 5 months of the financial year.

My circumstances have changed obviously I now have 2 children but also I haven't had an income and I have separated from my partener (will have been separated 2 & 1/2 months by end financial year).

Hope I do get something, I need money badly! My ex isn't giving me any of the household posessions so I need to replace everything! Very messy but i'm not going to argue over things the boys are way more important.

Thanks again.

AKA- 2_little_monkeys or 2 little angels

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