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Hi Everyone,

I just had to get my frustrations out. I had to go to the post office this morning & do a few other things, anyway when i got to our local shopping centre the post office was still closed, that was ok i went & did the other things. Anyway to get to my point ds & i were walking into the post office & about 3 steps away from joining the queue when this rude guy stepped around ds & i to get in front of us, i couldn't believe some pepole are so rude just cause i was abit slower getting to the line because i was letting ds walk doesn't give this jerk the right to push in front.
To add to it this jerk was still at the counter when i left the store & was getting in his car when i was getting in mine so really he wasn't getting anywhere any faster then we were.
Impatient jerk !!!!!
Sorry bout the whinge.

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I always seem to get behind the slowest people in woolies who stop to chat to friends in the middle of the aisle.GRRR

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Whinge away!

It is annoying! I had a lady race me to the check out to get in fromt of me and she had a full trolley of groceries. I just had Amy and about 8 items max! ANd Amy was not in a good mood!

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I know exactly what you mean people always do that to me if i let DD walk even tho she generally runs its still not fast enough for them

I know what you mean. My pet hate is when someone sees you with a 2 year old and a baby in your arms and you need help with something - I find it is older people that help and young one sush past. I know how you feel. My little girl now says that they are naughty people- its funny.
this happens to me all the time, now if someone walks in front of me deliberatley while i have a pram or stroller, i give them a little nudge in the back of the feet, Seems mean, but they deserve it lol people are so inconsiderate.

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i know the feeling, the other week i had someone push past me and my kids one in pram and one walking and they nocked the 4yr old over and just kept on going. was so p**sed off

ali = )

I was shopping the other day and my children were just feral. I ended up putting them in one trolley and putting the groceries in another one. This meant I had to push 2 trollies by self all the way to the car. I had so many people give me strange looks and of course want to walk in between the 2 trollies. It wasnt until I was trying to cross the road with people walking past me that an elderly gentleman with a walking frame offered to help me... Of course I thanked him and declined with a smile. The gentleman said " these pins have still a bit of work left in them...". I said with a smile "I have no doubt." My 5 year old said "mum wasnt he a nice man" and I said "yes, but more importantly he is a gentleman."

I was abused the other day by some feral women who was waiting behind me at the checkout. The lady in front was still being served as they were waiting a price check. I unloaded my trolley putting everything on the checkout. The last few items were just sitting on the end so I would need to manual move them one the checkout lady started to scan my items. I was just standing them waiting and noticed a few childrens books so I picked them up to see if we had them at home. I heard the women coming to the checkout and asking the child with her (approx 8-9 yrs old) are you sure you eat cornflakes to which the child said yes. I then heard her say "WHEN this women moves I will move the trolley closer and you will stay with it while I get a few more things.... IF she ever moves that is!! I just looked at the women with a complete look of disgust.. the poor child with her also looked at her waiting to see what her next move would be. They were still waiting for a price check so I didnt move at all.. had she asked me nicely or bothered to see what I wasnt moving she would have seen for herself no one was moving. Anyway the checkout lady said " I am so sorry for the wait, hopefully I shouldnt be much longer".. I replied " Thats OK.. take your time... I am no hurry what so ever!" I could feel the eye's of the feral in the back of my head...

What was her problem and why was she going to take it out on me?? What did I do to deserve that? My husband was waiting for me in the car with our kids so I too needed to get out ASAP but abusing the person in front was not going to be me out any faster...

Needless to say she really upset me for the rest of the day.I wish I had said something to her now but I was just so shocked. Where has common courtesy gone??
I can's stand people like that!!! The ones I really hate are when you're driving and they slip up the side lane that merges into your lane anyway just so they can try and get ahead of everyone!!! And the worst part is, some idiot at the front of the queue lets them in!!!! We should make a stand and let them sit there and don't let them get in!!! That'll teach em!

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