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Is this normal for a playcenter? Lock Rss

Hi! I have recently started taking my 17 month old to play center which she has loved as there is so much to do there. It is the sort of play center where you take your kids and stay with them and is for kids up to the age of 6 i believe.

However today when i walked in i noticed a play area which had two small, child height woodwork tables complete with vices, real hammers, real saws and boxes of sharp nails, bolts etc. I must admit i was shocked! How can this be deemed suitable , even for supervised play? Does anyone else have an area like this in their play center? I am considering not taking my daughter back because of this as to me it seems quite neglectful and irresponsible but i'd be interested in everybodys opinions.


It defantly sounds , Not right....
I have a son almost 3. A nd he got hold of his dads hammer and went on a smashing spree.
Heaven forbid if he went in to that particular play centre and found the nails as well.
Maybe you could speak to them at the playcentre.
It doesn't sound too safe!!!!!

Thats an accident totally waiting to happen. I would be suprised if the playcentres insurance allowed and covered that type of play.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Agreed - never heard of it anywhere else. :S
I know it's a little different but they had the SAME thing at my pre-school. I was 5 and they gave us proper work tops with clamps... peices of wood, nails and hammers!!! I personally don't think it is right at all. My finger was swollen for ages once i bashed it!
no its not right,even if its supervised play you only have to look away for a second and an accident happens.
We have nothing like that at our local playcentre. THere are seperate areas for different ages but even in the big kids area there is nothing that the little kids could get hurt on IYKWIM. The kids can play anywhere in the centre no matter what age. I would actually think about making a complaint
I'm the same as Denae, I remember it at my preschool.. I remember it being heaps of fun, but in saying that, still wouldn't want my ds playing with that sorta stuff.. Unless supervised by myself or dp maybe. I think at a playcenter the workers don't have the time to be watching every second, so its definitely not on.
Well thanks for your replies. DP and i have discussed it and we both feel unhappy that this activity is deemed suitable there. Makes you wonder what other hazards are overlooked there. I'm still a bit amazed that with all the advice and emphasis the Plunket nurses put on safety around the home, that something like hammers and nails are encouraged at play centre , and next to a huge plate glass window i might add. Anyway, i don't think DD will be going there again whilst that activity is still available.


Good on you for not taking DD Back, the more I thought about it the more I thought my DS can do enough damage with a plastic hammer can you imagine if you turned your attention away for a second and one of the kids hit another one with a hammer? it s just too dangerous IMO
I agree - my boy could do more than enough damage with a plastic hammer, let alone a real one. I wouldn't be going back to that playcentre. I have been to three separate (and very different playcentres) in the last three years with my boy, and none have had anything like that. I know Bunnings sometimes do kiddie workshops (but I don't know whether they even have kids under school age doing the workshops if you know what I mean). Something not quite right with that playcentre IMHO.

James' Mum

We live in a rural northland community and I take my two children aged 3 years and 16 months to our local Playcentre. We have all the items mentioned by you in our carpentry area. I am the secretary of our Playcentre which is governed by the Northland Playcentre Association and carpentry is a "required area of play" in the curriculum. I personally cringe watching the young kids play with real saws but my kids love going and it's a good way to meet and chat with mother mums.
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