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Hi all,

Just want to share with you an embarrasing moment with my 3y/o son.

We invited our new neighbours over the otherday and 'like you do' was trying to make a good impression. Anyway, I'm sitting on the rug, chatting away while the coffee brewed and my 3 y/o son comes over to me tugging on my arm saying "Mummy, whats this? Mummy, whats this?"
I was talking to our guests so I was ignoring him for a while until I'd finnished what I was saying,... then, to my HORROR, I looked at him and in his hand, holding it up for all to view was one of my tampons.
I quickly snatched it out of his hand and shoved it in my pocket and pretended like nothing had happened, hoping like hell that no-one noticed.

Aren't they precious? Arrrrgh!

I'm hoping others would share their embarrasing moments. Would make for a really entertaining and funny thread.

I was walking with DS almost 3, when we passed a midget??!!!
DS points and at the top of his voice says
"look mummy, Cute little man" he quite happily repeated it a few times for all to here!
Iwas mortified.
Thankfully the guy justlaughed.

Your story made me laugh out loud. That is so funny, cute!!!

I was out with friends and was trying to encourage my 3yr old son to do a wee. I said "you can do a stand up wee", and he said, "No I can't stand up, I don't have a doodle, I've got fluff like you!!"

My DS also sees me use a panty liner. He goes & tries to put them in his jocks, across his tummy or shirt and all the furniture. I have to check the house for liners when I know I have visitors coming.
Once when DH & I were going out for dinner we got the next door neighbours to look after him for dinner, bath & bed we had to let them know to wash his hair as he had found the KY and smeared it all thru his hair! Lucky the next door neighbours have a sense of humour.
They're all so funny. LOL

Those are priceless!
My 4yo dd is very interested in pregnant ladies and babies at the moment. We were in the shops the other day and a guy with a big beer belly walked past. DD says in her loudest voice, "Mummy, that man has a baby in his tummy".

I quietly explained that he didn't have a baby and if people eat a lot they sometimes get big tummies too. DH found out that night and as a joke told her the man must have drunk too much beer and sure enough, about a week later we saw a guy with a big beer pot and she said really loudly, "Mummy, that man has been drinking lots of beer".

What could I say???
Thank you for the laughgirls they are all so funny. Here's mine:

I had my MIL and her sister over from Greece and I always try to be "a good housewife" when they are here: clean house all the time, washing all done, ironing all done (with the ironing lady!). One day I was caught short and had to iron a shirt for DH. DD was about 5 years old, I got the ironing board out and the iron and plugged it in, filled it with water (what a good house wife I am)and I just knew I was impressing my MIL's sister, then out comes my DD from her room and with an astonished look on her face at the top of her voice she yells Oh my Mummy WHATS THAT, pointing to the irnoing board!!!!! Yep caught out I was, in her delicate 5 years she had NEVER seen an ironing board, let alone seen Mummy using one!!!!!!

We are currently doing our bathroom up and while out shopping with our 2.5 year old DD she decided to say rather loudly " I saw your gina in the shower last night" I was mortified but what can you do?
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This isn't an embarrasing moment, but a funny one i found.

Driving to the shops yesterday evening, DS1 was telling DS2 that "Girls don't have willies. Girls just have squished willies".

Lucky I wasn't driving, cos I was in stitches all the way to the shops.

Okay - I have a story. My 3.5 year old son and I were visiting friends of ours in Airlie Beach in March. We were sleeping in their 4.5 year old girl's bedroom. One day, my friend's little girl, fished a (clean/unused) menstrual pad out of my bag, came out and asked "WHAT'S THIS FOR?" I was so embarrassed - so was my friend's husband! Little girl kept asking me what they were for - I just had to keep telling her to ask her mother.

This one isn't so embarrassing but rather kinda cute. At another friend's house, my son went to the toilet (did the standing up peeing thing that boys can do). Anyway, this friend's daughter (3.5 years old) came to watch - and started giggling - and said "He's pees just like my Daddy".

James' Mum

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