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AUTISM. Does anyone know the signs? Lock Rss


I have a friend whos little 3yr old boy has strange patterns and behaviours. I have noticed something not right with him since he was 3mths old.

I have 3 kids of my own and none of them have every behaved like this little one does.

I have tried to get her to get some help, but she brushes it off, saying " its because he is a taurus," or he is tired.

He only eats bread, milk, isnt toilet trained, doesnt sleep, he never looks at you when you talk to him, he never laughs.

The list gos on.

Just wondering if anyone has some advice.


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I can't be of much help as I don't personally know any families dealing with Autism. But from what I do know about Autism, it's really important to have it diagnosed ASAP so the child and family can be helped. I'm sure you could imagine as a parent how hard it would be to face something like this. I've found a couple of links with some info, hopefully they are of some help.

I don't know about Autism my self. But i've heard a bit about fetal alcohol syndrome, and that cen effect their brain function and development. Did your friend drink during her pregnency? Definately convince her to go and get him some help. its going to get so much harder when he gets older.
Here is another link it has a the symptoms.

oops dont know why it didnt come up as a link up anyhoo there is the site addy.
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my brother has aspergers which is a borderline Austism Disorder. There's so many signs. Like does he concentrate on particular objects or colours? Does he get aggresive or frustrated? Does he play with other children? Not looking at you in the eye is a major sign. Also toilet training, my brother wore nappies til he was 5 at night time.

I would talk to a doctor especially if she's blaming it on his starsign cos thats just ridiculous in these situations, especially if its his health!

My brother isnt too bad now, he takes medication for it as well. But can get very abusive, i wont get into what hes tried to do to us!! Good luck, its not an easy situation

Strong indications of autism include language and developmental delay, failure to make eye contact. Extreme fascination with certain tasks is another. Repeated failure to respond when his name is called is a classic sign.

It does sound as though something is not right, and that your friend is trying to ignore the situation. She needs to have her son assessed so that he can be helped. Encourage her if you can, the family situation can improve.

I would suggest that foetal alcohol syndrome is unlikely. FAS causes profound global developmental delay and is associated with specific facies (ie the child looks unusual).

Tell your friend that she did nothing to cause this, but she can do something to help.
My mum works with autistic children and she says some signs apart from obvious problems with basic motor skills are, they prefer to be on their own rather than socialise, delayed speech development, not making eye contact. And some things that their parents might dismiss as being quirky like pulling their hair or banging their head on a wall etc. Mum said it also isnt unusual for everyone else around the child to know there is a problem before the parents. Im surprised she hasnt been told anything by the MHN, when he doesnt reach his milestones?
Hello Girls,

Thank you all so much for the imput.

MARS- you asked about his milestones, She watches the difference between my son and her ( they are 8mths apart) and just dissmisses it. She said that my son is up to date because I spend time with him, and I do, but, thats just another excuse.

His languge skill are very poor.

At playgroup he never plays with other kids, he gets far away from the rest of the group as he can. To this his mum says that he needs time alone because he is away from his sister. ( she is 7)

If he wants something he will say the word over and over untill he gets what he wants. Ive seen him say the one word for an hour untill she finally gave him what he wants.


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Social skills

* Fails to respond to his or her name
* Has poor eye contact
* Appears not to hear you at times
* Resists cuddling and holding
* Appears unaware of others' feelings
* Seems to prefer playing alone — retreats into his or her "own world"


* Starts talking later than other children
* Loses previously acquired ability to say words or sentences
* Does not make eye contact when making requests
* Speaks with an abnormal tone or rhythm — may use a singsong voice or robot-like speech
* Can't start a conversation or keep one going
* May repeat words or phrases verbatim, but doesn't understand how to use them


* Performs repetitive movements, such as rocking, spinning or hand-flapping
* Develops specific routines or rituals
* Becomes disturbed at the slightest change in routines or rituals
* Moves constantly
* May be fascinated by parts of an object, such as the spinning wheels of a toy car
* May be unusually sensitive to light, sound and touch

ALL CHILDREN DIFFER. NO CHILD IS THE SAME. NOT EVEN AUTISTIC CHILDREN. they are all unique, and cant be compared to another autistic child.

does your child have sensory issues? Mouthing objects still, wont wear shoes.. etc...

Other symptoms in young children include the following:

* Avoids cuddling or touching
* Frequent behavioral outbursts, tantrums
* Inappropriate attachments to objects
* Maintains little or no eye contact
* Over- or undersensitivity to pain, no fear of danger
* Sustained abnormal play
* Uneven motor skills
* Unresponsiveness to normal teaching methods and verbal clues (may appear to be deaf despite normal hearing)

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Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

if you would like to chat, im all ears. my daughter was diagnosed in feb this year as autistic. ((PDD -NOS)) basically. i check emails frequently, and i also have MSN.. feel free to give me a yell if you want to talk, cry or scream. anything your feeling is normal and i still have my bad days, i still grieve.. its a long process.

much love and best thoughts your way.

oh and another thing. never ever ever give up hope. if you'd like information in what we are looking into for our child your most welcome to ask.

best thing i can suggest is to try see a dr to get it seen to. early intervention is the key! what state do you live in if you live in SA i can recommend a nice dr, the first dr called our daughter an oddball and stupid.. so i can recommend a nice man who will do anything in his power to help. hes kind, and nurturing and very supportive. hes like a grandfather figure.!

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

HEHE me again.

eilish was diagnosed as moderate to severe before the meeting (right after seeing the doctor) they ask alot of questions, they observe your child and make a generalisation i guess and then the ball starts moving. you see someone in your state we went to autismsa (since we live in south australia)

before kindy, eilish wouldnt look anyone (but me and sometimes her father and nan) in the eye. she wouldnt play with other children, we were never included in games, but now to see how much kindy has helped (she has an aide who follows her around to make sure she stays safe in the yard) but shes allowing eye contact to kindy staff AND her aide. shes beginning to interact with other children, shes just started to become more aware (in the fact shes noticing a little more) err she has been getting her face up close to a few kids in the fact as saying IM HERE LOOK AT ME) shes still classed non verbal although she says Mum, Nan, Bubba, good girl and oh wow.. and now has added oh no and daddy in.. usually only when daddy takes something away from her its ohno daddy) she LOVES her computer (its nothing special) but i've gotten through to her with her dora the explorer games SHE LOVES DORA and now since a game shes copying in real life, she finds gumnuts at kindy and she plants them in the sandpit lol. shes initiating play and contact and shes beginning to imitate and copy things which is a brilliant step on her part. she loves her voice and makes noises most of the time, she stims a little too. she only lines things up sometimes (usually when out of her comfort zone) its her way of bringing order to a new environment. she still drinks ALOT of milk, (shes 4, 5 in june) but she loves her fruit and vegies. i cant think of anything else right now. except we are saving up to go to the states, there is a program there to help our children and i've seen AMAZING results. if you want a copy of the dvd's that have been burnt for me please please send me an email and i will post you a copy as soon as i can. most parents take sooo much for granted when it comes to their children. and you will rejoice for any little milestone our children are special and need alot of our love and they bloom. we are blessed. eilish has taught me so much over the last 4 yrs of her life. she is my world. sometimes i feel pity but most times i would love to go into her world and see what she sees. shes so happy there, she has a wonderful sense of humor and her giggle is infectious. i hope i've helped really, if you need to chat please dont hesitate to chat, i'd even be willing to call you if you wanted some support. you are not alone! please remember this. we are just about to start PECS and hoping this is a good means of communication. the success rate is good the speech therapist says. never lose sight of what brings you strength!!!

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

opps, i didnt see the bit about your friend.. >.< bah maybe i should delete all the above posts lol

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

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