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Hi I am nearly 22 weeks pregnant and am expecting a little boy. I am unsure as to whether or not I should get him circumcised???? My partner is and reccomends getting our son done but I am unsure and not to educated on the topic. I have tried looking up pros and cons over the net but would really love to hear your ideas. Do hospitals even do it routinely anymore or do you need to go to great lengths to have this done?? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated thankyou
Oooh this may get heated...always does. There is actually a post going at the moment in the newborn section asking this very question. Maybe you will find some answers there...I have put my 2 cents in as to what I think on the other post already.


yeah, definetly may get heated...

lets just remeber she wants advice and opinions on circumcision, NOT on the parents!!!

Hospitals dont do it routinely anymore, but there is a few doctors in my local area who perform the procedure under a local anesthetic.

2 baby boyz!

Zach was done at 10 days old, I educated myself on the topic after DH saying he wanted him done. Read up on it and make sure you are 100% on the decision as you can't undo it once it is done!!

Only thing is, don't let people tell you that you are cruel and nasty as the thing that upset Zach the most was getting undressed, so he wee'd on the doc as punnishment! As he was 10 days old no pain relief was given, and frankly, he didn't need it. Good luck with your decision.
Ok thanks guys now you have made me scared to read the new born section! I will be brave and go have a squiz thanks again
i have had all 3 of my boys done. My first was done at 18m because of a medical condition, and i found it quite traumatic, as he had to go under general, have stitches etc. So we decided any future boys would be done early after birth, using the bell. It was alot better, less traumatic, for me and bub. And i dont have any regrets either. So yeah all 3 of my sons are circed.
My son isnt done, but now I wish he was. DH was now I am finding I have to explain all the nitty gritty details to DS as DH refuses to do...his excuse...I dont have a foreskin so I dont know what to do with it.
Well does it look like I have one??
GRRR men!

Mummy to 3 little goblins

Hi, I was just watching TV and they had an for Today Tonight, they will be having a section on the topic tonight.
If you are really unsure go to your local Maternal & child Health Centre and speak to a health nurse, that's where my friend got a lot of information (just make sure she's not too biased on the subject.)
Personally I opted not to because my DH isn't but that doesn't mean I'm against it, I probably would have looked into it if he had been.
Basically my friend got told to do what she felt right but to remember whichever decision would possibly come with questions later on: Why am I different to Dad/other kids?
Unfortunately this is a desicion only you and your DP can make and don't let anyone bully you into doing or not doing it. I also know quite afew boys with it done with know ill effects.
Your obstetrician should also be able to help with a (hopefully) unbiased opinion.
If you are still not sure maybe get your DP to come with you to discuss it.
Hopefully this has helped, unfortunately this one of those awful debates where nearly everyone has there opinion and will usually let you know!!
i have two boys who arent, but i was told its best to do what daddy is.
all i will say is if you decide to go ahead with it stand firm because there will be plenty trying to stop you including well meaning medical people.

we had DS in darwin and i had to fly to brisbane to get him snipped as no-one would do it up there till he was 6months!
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we didnt have our son done as it isnt any real medical reason. it is more a choice thing and a religion thing now days.
As hubby is rather attached to his foreskin we did not get aiden done.
Our OBGYN provided us with a range of paperwork at about the 30 week mark that had femamle and male circumsision, and basically said he didnt do it and found no medical reeason to do it but if we would like a referal to just ask.

Maybe your doc wil give you sometihng similar if you ask?

Good luck with your decision. and your pregnancy!
To us it doesn't really matter if DS looks different to his dad or the other kids, everyone's appendages look different so what's the difference if the pEnis is different too? I think it is personal choice and you should feel supported by other parents, not made to feel guilty.
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