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Hi There!
I am new to Parent Exchange -
How's Christmas shopping going?
I am trying to think of some christmas ideas for a 1 year old - any ideas?
I don't think we will spend much simply because he won't appreciate it yet
Hi Angie,
Welcome! Great name! My daughters name is Angie.( Well actually it is Angelique, but we call her Angie. She is 8 years old) For Christmas ideas, try the Fisher Price activity table. It is for over 9 months, but it will last them for years. It has activities on one side, then you flip it over and it becomes a block table. My nephew got one last year and he is now 21 months and still loves it. I just got one for my 8 month old son for christmas too! In QLD, Aus, it retails for around $70.00. You don't need to buy them much at that age, just make sure it is wrapped in lots of paper or celephone. They have more fun with the wrapping then they do the presents!! Celephone makes a great noise, and doesn't rip into small pieces they can choke on. Tonka also make junior toys for the smaller boy!! It is made from hard plastic instead of metal. Hope this gives you some ideas. Good luck with the shopping.

Mother of 3, Qld

I got my little boy a slide when he was one and it was the best present I ever bought him. He is now 4 and he still uses it. It was only $90 which is cheap considering he still uses it 3 years later. I have nearly finished my christmas shopping, not without greif wondering what to get every one. We buy present s for everyone in our family and it gets so expensive, do you think it is wrong to just get the kids presents when not everyone in the family has kids? hear from u soon millie


Hi Angie Baby,

Welcome to the forum smile there are lots of lovely people here to chat to. I am a mum with a 12 month old daughter and am 8 weeks pregnant with my 2nd. I have finished my Christmas shopping... yippee. I think it uneccesary to spend large amounts on baby gifts, they prefer the paper and bows anyway.

For Christams for my 12 month old we got her a walker wagon with coloured wooden blocks (From K-mart $18.95) and a flip out kiddie sofa (From Big W for $33. 50) plus some hard page books ($2 each at a discount store). She will get spoilt by the grandparents and family friends to.

We just put up out tree yesterday and started putting the gifts we've been sent already under it, my daughter has by far the most presents there! So she sure isn't missing out.

Look forward to hearing from you around the chat rooms smile Michelle
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