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Has anyone noticed the change in quality of Huggies Nappies and Wipes?? Lock Rss

Hello Everyone. As a mother of a near 3 year old I have been using Huggies products from the day he was born. This choice was to do with the fact of the quality of the product which has in the past always spoken for itself.

However I have been noticing a few changes which have really concerned me. Firstly I noticed the size of the baby wipes have become smaller, while still being charged the same price at the checkout. and Secondly I am really unhappy with the decrease of quality in the new Winnie the Poo nappies. I must admit I am not a fan of Winnie the Poo so avoided buying the new nappies for as long as I could. I have spoken to a few other mums who are also complaining about the new nappies being smaller, leaking and the appearance of being thinner. I have also heard a few complaints about the tabs tearing off more now then before.

So I recently purchased a packet of the Winnie the Poo nappies and would have to say I am not very happy with the new product at all. I have found them to be of lesser quality, quite thin and can see for myself why people would be having problems with the tabs tearing off. Both my husband and I had to be very careful when trying to peel back the tab to put it on the nappy to do it up. We both agree you would not like to be in a hurry or half asleep which all parents are one or the other at some time. The whole feel of the nappy has also changed to me. Once they felt really soft and something I would want to put on my sons body, but now they feel really ruff.

As I am about to have my second child I would like to hear from other mums if they are also having the same problems and also if anyone has contacted Huggies directly about this problem to see if they are even aware of it.

I really loved using Huggies in the past and can honestly say I was very proud to tell people I only use Huggies however unless something is done I may have to look at using another brand.

I will wait to hear from you!

hi there,
i know exactly what your saying as i rely on huggies as my son has lactose intolerance and i to have found that they are not what they used to be.
the tabs keep ripping off no matter how gentle you are so i have made a few calls and spoke to someone at kimberly clark who make huggies,and they said some times a batch may slip through that dont meet quality standards but i have had quite a few packs and boxes like this.
but i must say they do respond to complaints made and they will replace or refund your money all you need to do is send a sample off with the code on the package and they will get back to you.
evan though i have encounted these problems i am eight weeks away from having another child and i am still going to use huggies as long as the new winnie the pooh ones are just as good

thanks and i hope this helps a little
take care

(sony) mother and stepmother to five children

i do agree they do seem to not feel as nice as they did before, they seem more stiff now or something. I have also had problems with the tags being stuck on to the nappie section(sorry hard to describe) but yes tearing off when half asleep and in poor light in the middle of the night.

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

yep I sent an email off to complain last week and got a warning that they have a high volume of feedback so it would take a while.
We are in the same boat have never used anything but huggies in charlottes two years. I dont mind winnie the pooh but we got 8 nappies in a row out of the box that didnt even have tabs on one side - one nappy had three tabs, bt all on the one side. The quality has decreased considerably. These 8 were aside from the ones that broke off. Incidently there is no product number on the nappy itself anymore to give them - we put them on the changetable and ditch the packaging.
So I will wait to hear more but we two are having another baby due in just under 3 weeks and we know its a boy, but we have looked out the "old" boxes in various sizes and out them aside for bubs but we may yet test the other brands.
it is a shame but I was happy to pay more when the quality was there, but I wont continue if the problems persist.

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3


I noticed the difference in thinkness the first itme we bought the winnie ones, but haven't had a problem at all. Even though they appear thnner, i find they still hold the same omount, and mu boys are dry and comfortable when they wake in the morning.

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

Hi Calebsmum, I also noticed the change in the size of the wipes a few months ago,and I posted a question about it on the site. Huggies got back to me (by email), and told me that this was the way they were now made (overseas), and I was assured that the quality was still the same, and a comparison was made to another brand. However, recently, I have noticed that many of the wipes have an extra piece (completely separate to the wipe) that sits on top of the fold (I hope this makes sense), which, I think, if was added to the end would be about the same as the original wipe size.Hmmmm I'm not sure what is going on. It's really annoying when you're trying to wipe a pooing bum on a wriggling child and you have to pull this piece off. And yes, I have had trouble with the new nappies tabs tearing off as well.

Hi Calebsmum,
I also noticed that the new nappies were of lesser quality and quite a lot thinner. I actually weighed one of the old and one of the new and there was a difference. I commented on another post (along with a few other people) and the whole post was deleted. I was then sent a personal email from the mod. She said the wipes are still the only ones which cover your whole hand and the nappies have actually improved - giving the same absorbancy with less bulk. From other comments on here, I would suggest 'they' need to listen to the consumer and change them back to how they were!

My babies are all grown up sad

i have to agree with you on the thinness of the whinnie the pooh nappies. i have found that my sons have had heaps of leakages with these nappies. to me they seem a lot flimsier than b4. i would love to know if they have changed them in any way also.

moni SA twin boys 17mnths

Wow, you guys must be using a different Huggies to me. I can't pick the difference myself other than the picture on the front of the nappy and the packaging and I haven't had any problems at all.

Maybe you have just got a bad batch or something. Have you sent a message to Huggies about your problems. A few years ago I got a pack that I wasn't happy with, I can't remember the problem now, but I contacted Huggies from the number on the bag and I was pretty happy with their response. I had to send in the pack so they could take a look at the problem (which makes sense) and then they said they could investigate it.

I wouldn't give up on them yet.


tired and feeling old

To all of our valued members,

Some of you have mentioned that you feel the Huggies product itself has changed with the introduction of Winnie the Pooh on the nappy. We are really sorry if this has caused a problem for anyone and will obviously investigate any complaint that has been received by our consumer advisory department. We'd also like to reassure you that the new product featuring Winnie the Pooh is a change to the design graphics only. With this launch, there has been no change to the way we manufacture Huggies nappies in terms of overall size, shape or absorbency. As such, we are a little puzzled to hear what some of you are experiencing.

Our number one priority is to ensure that we continue to provide you with the highest quality product that you have come to expect from us. We take every complaint very seriously, which is why we ask that you contact our Consumer Advisory Centre with your feedback on 1800 028 334 (or via email at the Huggies Australia website). By providing us with the details of your concern, we can get to the bottom of any issues that arise.

Once again, thank you for your feedback.

Kind regards,
The Huggies Team.
Ladies I'm still 50/50 on this debate.
I measured the older nappy up against the newer nappy the other day, and they are the same length. Its just the elastic top is smaller now so it seems more nappy part, ther are the same width but I did notice a slight difference in the leak guards, were slightly smaller on the newer ones.
The thicknes though is a big difference, you can tell just by feeling it that the newer ones seem much thinner. I'm not sure if this is progress as I said to Steph the other day sanitary pads have become thinner but held the same absorbancy. Somehow I don't think this is the case with the nappies.

My main concern is absorbancy, so far every night this week my son has 'wet through', a problem that didnt happen that often with the older ones. I'm going through so many pairs of pyjamas its not funny, so I'm still paying the same price for my nappies, yet its costing me more as I have extra washing.

I know that I will definately be making a call to the number that Lauraine left, as sometimes companies don't know until we tell them that the manufacturer is duping them and using cheaper stock.
I hope this is the case and Huggies go back to being the brilliant brand they once were, as they are the only nappies that don't give my son nappy rash.

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I've just bought the 6-11kg (crawler size) for my 5month old (8kg) last month, and while I've previously loved and advocated for Huggies, was very disappointed. They feel like scratchy paper instead of the usual soft feel and my son has been getting irritated at the waist band at the back from the rough outer layer. I compared them to babylove nappies which were far softer and nicer to touch. What happened? I don't feel at this stage I will buy Huggies again if they are going to be like this from now on.
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