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Heinz Magic Labels offer??? Lock Rss

Hello I was one of the many thousands who religiously collected the bar codes off Heinz products to redeem them for products. What I would like to know has anyone actually received any of the products on offer? I collected over 300 bar codes to get 2 Fisher Price Lift and Lock swings and a Fisher Price Rock Roll n Ride XL Trike. I have received 3 letters to say due to high demand I will not be able to get my original choice but have been offered other things by Little Tikes (another toy company). Then I received another letter to say if I want I can still get the Lift and Lock swing but not until Feb 2004. I had to contact them to let them know what I wanted to do, get another product before Xmas or wait until Feb for my original request. Thats fine, not what I really wanted but ok. That was over 2 months ago I have still not seen hide nor hair of anything! So much for allow 28 days for delivery. I have rang them only to be told they have been so over whelmed by the response and have no system at all. They are unable to even tell me if my request has been received or when it may be sent. I will be interested to hear from other people to see what happened to their orders. Thanks

Fortunately, i have received all my orders and each time within the 28 days! I received 2 feeding sets and the telephone!

Hope your swings arrive soon,

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Calebsmum! I'm still waiting too! Yep I got the letter.We wanted the Lift and Lock swing too,however now we have substituted it with a Little Tikes Go and Grow rider.I haven't heard anything since the letter which was around 2 months ago.So I suppose I'll just keep on waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mum to two gorgeous girls!

I sent in my barcodes and got a fisher price phone and a heinz feeding set, they took about 6 weeks to send them to me and I also got a phone call saying my prizes were on there way. Good luck I hope you get your items soon.
Hi everyone,
I ordered the little people farm and it took about 2 months to receive. I then ordered the telephone but was one of the many who got told that my order was received a day late and so would not be processed. I emailed them and after the A Current Affair debacle (I was not one of the people on television) I received another letter saying thast they would honour my order but I would have to have a replacement product Leapfrog ball. OK. This was not meant to be sent before Xmas but I got a call on Thursday saying that it would be. They seemed to be quite organised now. My payment for the Farm was procedded within a week. Why not check with your bank if you paid by CC or cheque if theyt have processed your payment. Or try ringing them or going on to their website and send a "contact me" email stating how disappointed you are with the service and see if that helps. Good Luck

Fiona, NSW

Thanks heaps for responding everyone!! jordys mum I didnt see or hear about the A Current Affair, can you (or anyone that saw it) tell me roughly what it was about? I swear at times I must live under a rock. I sent my orginal order in 3 weeks before the expiry date and then realised I would have enough left over for another Lift and Lock swing. A friend of mine has discovered she is pregnant, not planned. Her other child is now 8 and she was not planning on having any more so she gave everything away. I thought the swing would be a great present for her. But I sent it by express post on the 29.09.03 knowing the closing date was 30.09.03. It wasnt until I had already sent it that I realised they had put a time of 9.00am on the 30.09.03 as a closing of competition???? Well I have not received a letter to say it was not received on time and Heinz can not tell me. I did think after reading about the 9.00am that it was not the brightest thing to do and to not put this with all the ads right beside the closing date was a really stupid thing to do. The main problem is now my child is growing at a rapid rate and will not fit in the swing for much longer. Also I have seen them on special so many times over the past couple of months I could have just gone and bought one! Plus my son will be getting so many toys on Xmas I wanted the bike/car to arrive now so he has something to play on. The other thing is as the other swing is a gift I am just praying no one else buys the swing for her as a Xmas/gift for the baby. As I said they seem to always be on special. I will wait to hear from someone regarding the ACA debacle. Thanks for letting me know about it. Take care.
Hi Janeen,

That's so unfair what has happened, i hope it works out for you! If you get the swing and its too small for your bub, you could always sell it on ebay! You should get a good price if in original packaging!

Best of luck,

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Janeen,
The ACA thing was on 28 October and basically had 2 issues.1/ mums complaining that heinz had knocked back their requests because of the dates they were received. They had sent letters rejecting orders along with all of the barcodes (and you know how much effort people put into getting those stupid lables off). When people complained they basically said that they didn't believe they had sent them in on time and requested Stat Decs etc before reconsidering.
2/ Mums complaing about the substitutions of prizes. One of the substitutes for the bike or stride to ride walker(I cant remember which one) was a portacot and mums were obviously upset. At the age your child wants a bike you are a little bit past needing a new portacot. Mums were complaing that they were going to use the prizes as Xmas pressies like you and now couldn't. The mum that was featured actually wanted the prize for a Bday in October. Heinz set up a special hotline number 1300 633333 to deal with everyone and as I said in my original message have been quite OK.
It dosen't sound to me like they have gotten your redemption form. I would ring them again and be assertive. I wouldnt mention that you only sent your order in on the 29th. I would be la little vague stating that you sent in express post "knowing that it had time to get there in time for the closing cut off". You are a busy mum after all and cant be expected to remember what date you posted a letter.
Let me know how you get on.
I have bought the swing and on the box it says it holds up to 20kg if that makes you feel any better

Fiona, NSW

Hi there, i was lucky enough to recieve a prize for my labels, but have also contacted, heinz on more barcodes, as they have been inundated with orders, i was told to get the fisher price, i would have to wait until next year (Feb) of if i wanted something else (i want the little tykes car) it would be delivered in the second week of december this year, here's waiting. i guess if your order wasn't recieved in time, they would have sent your money order/cheque or not debited your credit card. if your money order was dated b4 the 30th it should be honoured.

BB,Vic,18 month son

I have been very lucky and recieved in August Rock n roll XL trike, September Fisher price phone and today a heinz feeding set - although it did have substitute items in it (iam happy with it)

The best thing to do is watch for them deducting the postage from your bank account, mine was deducted on 11/11 and I recieved the item today


Hello I finally got my credit card statement and it shows Heinz have made a debit on the 11.11.03 so I got on to the web site and rang the 1800 number. I was told I should receive a little car which is the replacement for the RocknRide Xl Trike and the bike instead of the lift and lock swings before the 14.12.03. Ok but what about my other order?? The reply is we have not processed that but will either today or tomorrow for you to receive before Xmas. I hope I am not going to be getting 2 bikes instead of the swings as the letter I got said I will not be getting a swing until Feb 2004. I can always give my friend a bike for her child to use in a years time but the swing would be better. The person on the phone just seemed to be agreeing with what I was saying. It is very obvious he had no idea what was happening with my order and instead of saying I will get someone to get back to you next week to confirm he just told me what I wanted hear, right or wrong. Then I looked into the website and found photos of happy customers using there products. This did NOT make me any happier I can tell you. But then when you look at it there are only a couple of photos which is nothing when you compare the VERY unhappy ones. I will not fall for this sort of trickery again with Heinz. So now I wait again and I am no better off or informed than when I started.
Hello everyone I thought I would give you an update. I received a phone call from Heinz last night at 7.45 to let me know my Little Tikes car which would be instead of the Roll and Ride Trike will not be arriving this year!!! They say I should receive this in January. The lady who rang was very apologetic (poor thing, what a job) but what could I say?! You have to wonder considering they have charged the postage and handling to my credit card in November. At least I received a phone call I guess. I will now wait and see if I receive the other little bike I was supposed to receive by the 14.12.03 - with only 10 days to go I am not very hopeful.
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