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Pink Ribbon Cupcakes... so impressed! Lock Rss

Just wanted to share my creation... I went to a breast cancer morning tea yesterday (which turned into getting home at 3.30pm!! & a glass of wine or two with lunch!!), but I made a batch of cupcakes (pink of course), with dark pink icing, & a light pink icing pink ribbon on top... they looked delightful! I have to say, I was the most creative one that took something relating to what we were raising money for... so **pats self on back** well done to me for making the effort...

ps, they all got gobbled up too with exclamations of delight by the ladies who I joined!!

Just very proud of myself, as I usually take the old faithful, mini pav's... & this time, I extended myself!!
lol smile

Well done taluma ... but where is my cupcake?? lol grin
Thank you thank you thank you ...
for supporting Pink Ribbon Day.

I have a few friends and family that have all been affected by breast cancer, and I know they thank you too.

And I'm sure that the cakes were delightful, you deserve a big pat on the back!!!!!!


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