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Baby Bonus for teens Lock Rss

Ok this is just going to really be a little rant...
The baby bonus, for under 18's will be paid in installments from now on. From a govenment ruling that teens are too irresponsible to spend it wisely.
The way it was done before, was a social worker would meet with you and review whether it was necessary for payment in installments or whether the social worker ruled the mother responsible enough.
I recieved mine in a bulk sum yes, but this is just categorising all teenage mothers as imature and irresponsible. I have spent nothing of laceys bonus, we're saving it for her school in the future.
Yes, its true that some teens have babies for the money but many would be surprised that the vast majority does not.
We already get judged by others for our lives so far without being in the same category as those who are irresponsible.
This legislation is putting every teen mum under the one umbrella.
There are ladies, who are over 18 who neglect their children and still have babies for the money, why isnt everyone payed in installments?
Sorry this is lengthly but i just read about it and it annoyed me lol
I think the bonus could be issued better to all.

Cash can be used and abused no matter what the age or demographic. Our is in an account for our baby too but we had a friend take her small family to Dreamworld with hers.

There are horror stories about women under control of men who want the cash (it was on a current affairs news show one night). A voucher system that could be redeemed in baby goods stores is an idea.

PS. Did I hear that the bonus is now $5000 or was I dreaming?
I don't agree with it, not ALL teen mothers are irrisponsble and the handfull that are are making it harder for the rest of them. I think that if you are going to spend the money on stupid things (ie drugs etc) then thats your problem but everyone else shouldn't have to suffer because of it. Ask any of my teenage mother friends what they did with the baby bonus (that is if they had their baby when it was around) and they have all bought baby funiture, clothes and put money towards debt or rent etc. When I had Hayley I we got $3000, $1000 went to rent and bord (we moved when she was 3 moths old) and the rest went on a funiture package which we needed, we already had everything for her, even clothes, when this bubba arrives we are (hopefully) using the $4000 to put towards a homeloan. Personally I think its better as a lumpsum esp if your bubba wasn't planned and you need to get organised and buy things for the baby (hopefully you have friends/relatives who can help you out but not everyone has that) and maybe you need to move out (some parents kick their teens out if they get pregnant unfortunatly) so you need a bit of money to get on your feet, not just teens but anyone and everyone.

Cassie, mum to Hayley and Skye

To categorise one section of 'motherhood' as irresponsible is ridiculous. Of course there will be some new mothers that do not use the money wisely.

It's a political stunt...


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